What I’ve learnt camping with a baby and a preschooler.

The first thing I’ve learnt camping with a baby and a preschooler is that preschoolers ask lots of questions. This includes the first 5 minutes of the journey being asked if you were nearly there yet? How many junctions do we have to go? Do we need to go on the motorway? Are we going on a dual carriageway?  You get the point.  Needless to say after a 3hr journey I was losing the will to live.  We quickly realised that in a few years we will have two of them asking the most mundane questions/moaning why were we still in the car. I think next time we travel a fair distance we will need to take the dvd player.

Camping with a baby and a preschooler is nowhere near as stressful as I thought it was going to be.  When D mentioned getting a caravan I wasn’t overly convinced.  The idea of us all squeezed into a caravan with a baby, that will eventually be learning to crawl didn’t appeal to me.  Anyway, I was obviously convinced otherwise, we got the caravan.  I am so glad we did, as it was the most relaxed we have been as a family in a long time.  At home, there is alway something that needs to be done, some decorating that you are staring at wishing you had the time to do it.  When we were in the caravan you could simply live in the moment.  We didn’t have to worry about the kids being ready for bedtime because of school the next day.  As the day was less stressful I didn’t need some time to myself in an evening so it didn’t matter the kids staying up later. J learnt to embrace lie ins as he was going to bed later.  The condition of a late night was that he wasn’t getting up for the day at 7 am.

What I’ve learnt camping with a baby and a preschooler in a caravan was that the layout of the caravan matters. D knew that he wanted the layout of the caravan to have the bedroom at the other end of the caravan, rather than in the middle. When we were looking at buying a caravan I didn’t even think of this. As the bedroom was at the other end it was great as when the kids went to bed (at about 10!) we could partition that end of the caravan off with the curtain and it seemed more like a bedroom for them. SIDE NOTE when camping with a baby and a preschooler take a blackout blind!! We didn’t and even though it was dark, there was an annoying ring of light around the windows, which wasn’t the best when C was asleep in her toddle pod under it.

Another thing we learnt camping with a baby and a preschooler in a caravan is that even though the smallest bed is designed as a sleeping space, the wriggly preschooler will fall out of it ….twice… I even found him asleep sat up once. C is going through leap 6 at the moment in ‘wonder weeks’ AKA HELL, which means that she keeps waking up loads in the night, apparently, because she is learning new skills in the day.  I’m sure wonder weeks is just something parents can refer to, to convince themselves that ‘this too shall pass’. As she is up so often through the night I ended up sleeping in the slightly smaller double bed with her.  This meant I got more sleep however the wriggly preschooler snuck in when he woke in the mornings.  So there we were 3 in a small double and lovely husband starfishing on the other side of the caravan.

When you are camping with a baby and a preschooler you become much more aware of everything around you.  C spent plenty of time sitting on the grass happily playing. She was studying everything and picking flowers are passing them between her hands.  This was lovely to watch until you had to dive bomb at her to stop her from eating said daisies or grass.

Camping with a baby and a preschooler is lovely though as you get to see them spend so much time together and can see the love they have for each other.  We got some of the nicest pictures of them both together whilst we were in Yorkshire, mainly because they were outdoors rather than with a load of house stuff behind them.

Camping chairs all round. This chair from @summerinfant has been so handy to have camping. Great for using as a high chair in the caravan as it folds up like a campchair so saves space. #camping #caravaning #yorkshire #reightonsands #campingchair

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Family photo. We need to take more of these #meandmineproject #peasholmpark #family #ig_bbcc #UKParentBloggers

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We are already planning our next trip away. Do you have anywhere to recommend?


  1. Mary says:

    Maybe your kids are easier than mine, but the first thing I learned from this post is that you and your husband might be superheros!

    All kidding aside, these are some great tips. Being able to separate out the sleeping spaces so the kiddos have their own “bedroom” is genius. Plus since dad’s a snorer we can keep him in the front…Or maybe outside?

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