Parkdean Cherry Tree

After a 6 hour drive we finally arrived at Parkdean Cherry Tree  .  The journey here was interesting to say the least.  When we were around 2 hours away we had torrential rain/hail and thunder/lightening,  It felt like we were on the set of Twister at one point.

Horrific twister weather on the way to #norfolk yesterday

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Thankfully J was an absolute angel in the car on way here mainly because he slept for half of it.  When we arrived at the site it was actually sunny and quite warm.  This gave us chance to have a little wander around before heading over to our caravan.   There are plenty of activities to keep J occupied including two outdoor play areas.  One meant for older children which is obviously the one J wants to go on, and one for under 8’s.  There is an outdoor activity pitch as well as the option to play crazy golf or hire buggy’s.

One thing we have made use of is the indoor play area.  Unfortunately you have to walk through the arcade to get to it, so J always has to sit on the motorbike ride for a bit first.
D managed to win a minion soft toy on his first go on one of the arcade machines so he was really impressed with himself, as was J.  Then when he won a second minion toy that afternoon he now thinks he’s some sort of arcade genius.   The minions now have to take pride of place in bed with J at bedtime.

Minions assemble #minion

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Hopefully this wont be a regular occurrence as it was our last caravan holiday J ended up with ‘Pengi’, who is a better size to take around everywhere with us.  The soft play area is only small but it is perfect as you can watch J play whilst you sit down and had a drink and read your leaflets and decided where to visit locally first.  J has already made a few friends by playing with them in this area.  The hardest part is trying to stop him running into the arcade every 5 minutes wanting to go on the motorbike ride.

When we went to the swimming pool we were pleased to see that the changing rooms are quite large and you can change as a family.  This has been a problem elsewhere before and ends up making the experience stressful.  You have the choice of 4 areas at swimming, the first being the main pool with an adjoining  Jacuzzi bubble type area, but it is only shallow.  Then there is a baby pool which I can only explain as steps, so a lower pool and a slightly higher one with a mini river slide joining the two.  J loved this bit especially as he saw his friend that he met at the soft play area.  There is also a ‘heated’ outdoor pool but according to D it was still freezing, i wasn’t daft enough to even attempt to go outside in it.   There is also a Gym that you can pay to use daily which we considered but decided against.  If there was the option of a crèche we may have used the gym.

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Most Park Dean sites have the children’s characters Sid and Lizzie, Cherry Tree wasn’t an exemption.  We happened to bump into Lizzie when we first arrived but she is now known as ‘snap snap’ as J is convinced she is a crocodile, not a lizard.  J was mesmerised by her and stroked her paw, or is it a claw?!.  The characters were at the evening entertainment and all the children loved interacting with them.  In all honesty I find the idea of a ‘hip-hop’ seagull a bit cringe worthy, however the children seem to love them and I’m sure I would too if they could get J to sit still for longer than 5 minutes.  Before Sid and Lizzie came out there was a children’s disco which had music, obviously, as well as  lights moving around the dance floor.  There was also several children’s toys out on the dance floor to keep them occupied.  J spent most of the time running out of the room into the arcade.  As you can probably tell I have a love hate relationship with arcades. D and I ended up taking turns in stopping him from running out whilst the other one finished their drink.


These are a few photos of our caravan as I must say this is the best layout we have stayed in.  The caravan can be split into two by a door between the kitchen and the hall.  This is normally open plan in most caravans so a door makes it feel more cosy.  The caravan feels wider than normal as well which means there is plenty of space for J to play.  They are running around with a balloon and the minions as I am writing this.  As normal we use the twin bedroom for J and push the two beds together to make a double.  A handy tip is to put a towel over the bedroom window to make it darker through the night.



Overall we had a lovely time at Parkdean Cherry Tree

Have you been ?

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