Travelling in the caravan straight from School.

When travelling in the caravan straight from School there were a few issues we came across.

C had a really good nap just before we left. This wasn’t planned it was just how she ended up sleeping. This meant that she was wide awake on the journey to the campsite. Needless to say, it’s hard to occupy a 9-month-old stuck in the car seat. A Plastic cup kept her occupied for a bit and then a DVD case was amusing. Note to self, try to travel at nap times!.

We also had the issue that C didn’t want to have any milk before we left as she just wasn’t interested. She had also been at the childminders that morning which meant she didn’t want much of her expressed milk either. This meant that not long into our journey, she had a meltdown as she realised she was hungry. Cue having to find services to stop and feed her, which she would then rather watch all the massive trucks. I ended up putting her back in her car seat and leaning over to feed her as she realised it was milk time, not play time. Before we managed to get to the services I tried to keep her occupied. I was squished in-between C & J so space was limited. In the end, I ended up expressing milk into a cup we had brought with us and feeding that to C to calm her down slightly. Can honestly say that was a first to add to our breastfeeding list.

As we had to stop to feed C and then another toilet stop for J, this meant we were still in the car travelling at tea time. J obviously kept reminding us of this saying he was hungry. We had food but it was in the caravan. Next time we need to make sure there is a picnic for in the car. I don’t let J eat in the car normally as I worry about him choking, but as we were all in the car and I was sat next to him it would have been ok.

We originally planned to put the awning up when we got to the campsite. In the end, though, we sorted out some of the caravan whilst the kids happily played outside and then set off into the centre to find a chippy for tea.

J has brought his blow up planes and already they have kept him occupied for longer than he spent on his own last holiday. These are going to be at the top of the holiday packing list from now on.

On the way home, we had planned for C to have a nap in the morning so that she would have her afternoon nap on the way home. Obviously, you can’t plan these things as she decided she didn’t want her first nap until dinner time. She had a brief sleep on the way home but we did all end up singing random songs on the way home to occupy her. I think we may have been borderline on the insanity scale if anyone had overheard us.

Do you have any tips for travelling with children in the witching hours of the evening?

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  1. Circus Mum says:

    Oh travelling with kids can be a fun experience albeit stressful! We put our in pjs and bring the duvet with us which sets the tone in the evening that they need to sleep! That usually does the trick!

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