1 Year Old Gift Guide

We are fast approaching C’s 1st birthday as well as Christmas, we have quickly turned to thinking about what to buy her. As we kept most of J’s toys from when he was younger, there isn’t much C could need, let alone want.

I have managed to put together a 1-Year-Old Gift Guide of ideas after visiting different baby groups and friends houses.

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That’s not my books. C loves books and this is a novelty to us, J was never interested in reading as he spent his time running about everywhere. C will regularly pick books up and bring them to me to read to her. Now I understand the fascination of the That’s Not My Books as C loves the touch and feels bits in them.

I first discovered that Disney does a range of chunky toddler toys last year when someone brought them into work with their child.  What I didn’t realise was that they were bath toys.  For some reason, I had never thought of using bath toys, not in the bath, I know, Idiot!.  Upon looking I have found these Frozen ones but I’m sure C would love any of the range,

One other toy that we never even bought for J but seems to be a popular choice amongst babies/toddlers is the Fisher-Price hide and squeak eggs. J played with these several times on play dates so I’m not sure why we didn’t get any.

Since visiting a local sensory room, it has made me realise how much C would appreciate a bubble lamp. The proper lights are ridiculous money but I have managed to find some cheaper versions.

C has started to show an interest in happy land/little people. She has started carrying around a man and posting him through the baby gate or just having a general chew on him. I have been looking into these as although we have several shops and cars we don’t have that many figures. I have since found DISNEY little princess collection who have Ariel and Flounder figures. I have also noticed that Happyland do a Nativity which I thought would be a lovely idea.

Our main present that we are going to get C is a trike. We wanted to get a trike that had a proper hood and could fold up. We are seriously lacking space in our house as it is so anything that saves space is a bonus for us. After seeing my friends trike for her little boy and finding out they do a fold up version, this is top of the list.

What would you recommend for a 1yr old?




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