Cecilia – 9 Month Update

Cecilia is now 9 months old and has such a lovely personality. I have no idea what she weighs as it appears we haven’t been to the health visitor since she was 2 months old. I will attempt to weigh her at home and update this post. ….. 17lb according to weighing me and then both of us.

I realised the other day that I hadn’t done a monthly update in a long while. I stopped doing them as in all honesty I didn’t really have much to write. However, now she is 9 months I have a load to update you all on.

Firstly you may see from the pictures that compared to her 2 month update she lost all her dark hair. It has now started to grow back finally but she is a lot fairer than I thought she would be, both her dad and I have relativly dark hair.

Looking back at her 2-month update I found this about breastfeeding.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding with the help of nipple shields, however, we have managed a few feeds recently without them. Hopefully, we are on the switch to not using them. I have totally got used to breastfeeding now and don’t think twice about feeding in public.

I can’t believe how long ago that now seems. I think after I wrote that we pretty much stopped needing to use the nipple shields. We are still breastfeeding although she has cut her day feeds down drastically now, which I mentioned here. I go through mixed feeling of missing the feeds but then when she is up all night feeding I sometimes can’t wait to stop. I’m hoping the fussiness is just a stage like many we have been through and it will pass. I still go by the motto never give up on a bad day.

C has learnt to sit, high five, stand up holding objects, wave and most recently crawl. She learnt to roll over front to back first but then refuse to attempt back to front, in fact, thats a lie, she did it once and then would try again. She spent the whole time attempting mini baby situps, shouting that she couldn’t get up. Once she realised how she could sit up she quickly progressed to crawling. Nothing is safe anymore especially now she can get some speed crawling when she wants to. Even though she can now move C is quite happy just sitting down playing. This is a novelty in itself as J was crawling younger and by 9 months he was doing 3 or 4 steps independently.

We started weaning C when she was 5 months old on puree but we quickly swapped over to mainly BLW. Again in total contrast to her brother C loves food! I don’t particularly think there is anything she won’t eat. She quickly got the hang of BLW and was on 3 meals a day with snacks quite quickly. I now have to hide if i want to eat something without her pinching it off me, especially now she can crawl over. We recently went out for an Italian meal where she shouted at me until she had eaten half of my cannelloni.

Sleep is a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Im hopeing it is just a phase and she wil start to embrace it again soon enough. As J was a nightmare sleeper we never really noticed and sleep regressions with him. This time around however i think its worse! As C was going a good 4 or 5 hour strech over night we clearly got use to it. She was then waking 2hrly but at the moment i dont know if im coming or going. She will often go to sleep happily in her cot as long as she can see you but at the moment she is waking constatly, i thinking it may be teeth as she still hasnt got any.

We have never really had a proper routine up until recently and that was more my lead. Since having a loose routine we have all been more ‘with’ it and I know where we are up to in the day. I’m planning on going back to work more soon so at least if she has a rough routine other people can figure out what she wants easier.

Talking of work C now goes to a childminder once a week and seems to have settled in well. She was having a bottle of expressed milk but more often than not she would only drink 2oz. As she has cut her day time feeds down I no longer have to pump if I am away from her during the day at work. For this reason, I have introduced a bottle of formula for when I am at work. This also lessens the pressure on me to express or remember to defrost the milk.

The love between C and J has grown drastically. J loves the fact that C can be involved in his games now. She was a baddy he had to arrest the other day. I love the sound of them laughing at each other.

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