First birthday day out, Manchester

Today was Jacobs 1st birthday. Wahhhh where has my baby gone. We had planned to have a family day out in Manchester today and then go to Chester zoo next week. I know most people have a first birthday party but as J doesnt have many little friends we didnt see the point. Also the fact we still have so much going on with the house move and other things im sure J wont mind not having a first birthday party.

We just missed the first train we planned to get, so we had to go into Stockport centre. We were expecting to pay £5 parking but were astonished that for 3+ hours it was £25!!!! However we managed to find another carpark for 50p all day.

It was J’s first time on a train and he loved it. Im glad that we took the sling and not the pram as the train was packed. We would have struggled with the pram. Being in the sling meant that J got loads of attention , which he obviously loved . We got the train into Manchester Picadilly and then jumped on the tram into Deansgate. Another first for J which he enjoyed. We eventually got our bearings and found our way over to MOSI.

It wasnt actually that busy suprisingly ,considering it was a Saturday. There was a Victorian Photo booth with props for children to dress up in against backdrops. This looked fab however J was too busy running around to stop and dress up. Along with this there was a victorian fairground, but again J was abit too little to go on the rides . As it was his first birthday we wanted a souvenior so we got a MOSI coin made, so we can put it in his keepsake box.

MOSI coin making






There is also a great area for under 5’s to play. J obviously had to test this out.
Play area MOSI


MOSI under 5's



On the Interactive level at MOSI there are several displays childrens and adults can interact with . J loved the hurracaine created by smoke but that was hard to take a photograph. He loved the glowing sun.


Jacobs first birthday

After our visit to MOSI we walked to an all you can eat buffett only to find out it was shut. This wasnt a problem as we knew we could always go the the world buffett but when we got there it was full . After another walk through Mancester and a train ride home we managed to go for a birthday meal nearer to home. I say birthday meal but J was stuck with popadoms and chips as i wasnt 100% sure what was dairy and soya free and didnt have much faith in the staff to tell me.

I would like to think J has enjoyed his first birthday, I know my husband and I have. J still has birthday presents to open tomorrow as he crashed asleep as soon as we got home. He had been awake all day so i wasnt suprised.


  1. Katie Clark says:

    Looks like a great Birthday out. We love MOSI, it’s just great – there’s something for everyone 🙂 #binkylinky

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