Friends Wedding day

Recently we went to a friend’s wedding, it was lovely but you will never believe what happened.
We have known this couple for 9 years, so it was lovely to see them finally get married.   They booked their wedding not long after we got married 2 years ago.

The day started off with my husband ( D ) getting a phone call at 7:45 off the groom saying he thought he had broken his wrist. He had fallen over the night before and landed on his arm and ended up covered in grazes and on his forehead.  This resulted in D dropping the groom off at A&E the morning of the wedding, before he went into work for an hour. J had to tag along with D as I was doing the brides and bridesmaids hair. So he was going to daddy’s work for a bit….via A&E.
As I was doing the brides hair the groom rang to explain the situation, the clock was counting down till the wedding, the groom was sat in A&E waiting for the x-ray results. Luckily the groom had only badly sprained his wrist ,so he didn’t need a plaster cast.  So after I had done all the hair I had a phone call off a friend for an emergency hair help , as she had been let down.  At this point it was all systems go as I was waiting for the groom to arrive at my house so I could put make up on his grazes on his forehead.  As my friend left, the groom arrived not long after , once D had picked him up from the hospital.

The wedding ran without a hitch, other than the registrar skipping some pages at the wedding ceremony and the groom loosing his wedding ring at the wedding reception. Are you noticing a pattern here!!. Don’t worry we found it after searching everywhere including the bins…… it was in his pocket!.

DSC_0052                DSC_0058

We had a fantastic day and were honoured to have been part of it. I wish them all the happiness in the world.


Jacob came to the reception for a little bit and loved Dancing and we managed to get a few nice photos with him. The reception was held at a local golf club and the views were stunning as we had a lovely sunny day.


DSC_0144          DSC_0150

Jacob wore a gorgeous outfit for the wedding from Matalan, complete with pinstripe waistcoat and a flat cap. D got a new posh ted baker suit from Moss. I wore my lovely new dress from a little local shop , jacket from New look and sandals from Office.

DSC_0184            wedding

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