Manchester Bank Holiday

Last bank holiday Monday we had a spontaneous day out. we were going to go to Liverpool but by the time I woke up from my early morning nap ( yawn ..stop waking up in the night J) it was too late really.  D suggested going to the war museum in Manchester.
The museum is free entry and located not far from The Lowry Outlet mall and Media City. J fell asleep in the car on the way and didn’t wake up until we were near the end of looking around.



IMAG0254  IMAG0253






After we had been round the museum we wandered over the bridge into media city. I was rather excited to see the new coronation street set. When we saw the Cbeebies building I said to D that we need to get J a starting role , HAHA.  We actually wandered into the Food festival which we didn’t realise was on. I was a really nice day weather wise so was quiet popular.  I loved all the vehicles that had been converted into cafes,coffee bars and bars.


IMAG0257 IMAG0258
We then managed to wander between the crowd and up the steps to get into the Lowry. It was at this point i wish i had got the sling out of the car. Whilst in the Lowry we managed to find a little swimming outfit for J to take on holiday, to keep him warm in the pool.

In follow of the spontaneous day we decided to eat out for a late dinner.  We ended up at Table Table near the Trafford Centre.  As J had already had an early dinner i didn’t expect him to eat anything. He had other ideas though and was wolfing his crisps down that I had taken. I always have food on me he can eat because then I’m not worrying about his allergies when out and about.  I was really impressed when i asked if the Chicken goujons starter was suitable as the waitress actually brought out the allergen folder, which showed me exactly if it was suitable.  Not only was it suitable but J actually ate some of it !!!. Normally he doesn’t even attempt to eat anything like that if we are out. We will definitely be visiting Table Table again in the future if we are out.

Overall we had a really nice spontaneous day in Manchester. Media city is another place I hadn’t visited before as well.

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