Revamped Manchester City Stadium and City Tour 2017

We got the chance to attended the Revamped Manchester City Stadium and City Tour.  We previously visited 2 years ago when J was only 2 and 1/2. You can see my original review of Manchester City Stadium and City Tour here.

We really enjoyed the tour last time so I was pleased to be invited again. The first thing that was different was the fact that you can no longer park outside the city shop like we did last time.  This wasn’t an issue as we parked in a nearby carpark, and walked over around the outside of the stadium. When you arrive at the Revamped Manchester City Stadium and City Tour you head to the first floor of the city shop. At the back area of the shop, there is a designated Stadium and City Tour area. Even the layout of the Manchester City Shop has changed since the last time we visited.

Manchester City Stadium and City tour

When entering the Manchester City Stadium and City Tour area, you have the opportunity to have your photo taken against a green screen. Afterwards, you are given a ticket so that at the end of the tour you have the chance to view your photo on different backgrounds and ultimately purchase the photo if you wish to.  The start of the Tour is a self-guided area where you can read about the history of the club as well as see models of the stadium as it is now and also when it was originally built host the 2002 Commonwealth Games. If I remember correctly I believe this room was where the tour ended last time. There are several cases showcasing the different football kits over the years.

As well as the football kits you also get the chance to see all the cups that city have won. J was mesmerised by the fact this one was nearly as big as him. In fact, last time we saw it I think it was bigger than him. It just shows how much he has grown in 2 years.

Manchester City Stadium and City tour

We also got the chance to meet Moonchester in this area, J and C had their photo took with him. J has never been afraid of these sort of mascots so I was interested to see how C would react.  She wasn’t phased by a big blue mascot either and when she saw him later in the tour she was laughing at him. Unfortunately, one of the little boys on our tour was terrified by him, so obviously bear this in mind when taking your own child.

The differences for the Revamed Manchester City Stadium and City Tour includes the recently refurbished  First Team changing rooms, where quotes from Tony Walsh’s poetic tribute to Manchester, “This is the Place” have been immortalised across the walls. Alongside this, the First Team warm-up areas, the away team facilities and the player’s tunnel, which have all experienced an ultra-modern revamp, and are waiting to be explored by fans.

Manchester City Stadium and City Tour

Last time we did the Manchester City Stadium and City Tour there wasn’t really a designated gym area, it was more of a corner of a room sectioned off. However, as you can see there has been a massive change here. As well as having medic facilities if needed City also have an area to work out before a game. There are also several bikes in the room that have been set up for each player.

As part of the Manchester City Stadium and City Tour you get the chance to experience the exclusive Tunnel Club.  It is seriously unbelievable how swanky it is. This obviously comes with a price that I will never be able to justify, however, I really enjoyed seeing what it was like.  Not only do you get a 5-course meal to take the match,  you also get the chance to be close to the players as they line up in the new tunnel to come out onto the pitch.  The tunnel is designed so that you can see the players but they cannot see into the club.  I can imagine on match day the atmosphere is immense.

Manchester City Stadium and City tour

Manchester City Stadium and City Tour

As we were going around the tour we learnt about how the away team doesn’t have any air conditioning in their changing room.Which you can tell as you are going around the different areas of the tour.  We also discovered that only the City side seats outside only have the heaters built in them to keep the managers warm on the sidelines. Apparently, things like this are common amongst football clubs. J loved sitting in the comfy heated seat overlooking the pitch. He did try telling me he was cold so we could turn the heaters on.

Manchester City Stadium and City tour

Our tour guide Mike was great and answered any questions that anyone had about the club.  As there were a few footballer supporters, from other teams, he had a little bit of banter with them which was nice. He also explained that city rebranded the badge which meant the stadium had to replace the original crest on everything.  It isn’t until you start looking you realise what a massive thing it would have been to change.  The Badge is on everything from seats to the corner of banners.

Overall we had a great day out and as you can see it is fun for all the family. Even if you are not that into football I think you would benefit from the Manchester City Stadium and City Tour. As someone who lives in Manchester, I think it is important to learn more about our area and the Manchester City Stadium and City Tour definitely does that.

Did you know that City rent the club from the council each week???


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