A2 Milk review

I remember looking at all the different types of milk in the supermarket when I found out J was CMPA. There was Soya, Coconut,Oat,Almond etc.…. then I noticed a milk called A2 milk RRP is £1.99 for 2 litres. It isn’t suitable for true CMPA diagnosis however can be used by many as an alternative.

A2 milk

A2 milk is made using special ‘A2’ cows .  Basically in simple terms cows milk is made out of 2 different types of proteins – A1 and A2. Originally cows milk was made from just the A2 protein but over the years has become a mixture of A1 and A2.  The A1 protein digests differently to the A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort and pain.  This is why some people may in fact be reacting to the A1 protein not the A2 one.  By trying the A2 milk people may find that it suits them better resulting in less discomfort.

The first thing I noticed when trying the milk is that it tastes just like normal milk. I haven’t found a milk substitute that I like in tea or coffee yet. Oat milk looks horrible and needs stirring constantly otherwise it settles.  However i really like A2 milk . I managed to get my husband to try it as well and he didn’t notice the difference. I obviously haven’t got J to try it as I don’t think its suitable considering he comes out in hives reacting to dairy . When he is a lot older he will have the choice if he wishes to try something new. I also used A2 milk on my cereal as I wanted to check what it tasted like in larger quantities. Once again I was not dissatisfied, I will definitely keep on using A2 milk in the future.

I personally cannot tell if I am better off with A2 milk however I believe it is worth trying to see if will help ease your discomfort.

I would like to thank A2 milk for giving me some vouchers to purchase the milk at a discount and have the opportunity to review it.

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