Allergy safe cake and a can of pop

I first found out about how to make an allergy safe cake, using a packet cake mix and a can of pop off the CMPA facebook group.  So one day when I was out shopping I picked up this mix from Morrison’s.



I did however forgot to buy a can of pop so the packet got put into a cupboard and forgot about.  When I finally remembered to buy a can of pop I had misplaced the cake packet……sods law. Anyway the other day I managed to find them both so we decide to do a random baking lesson. J was very happy to help as you can see in the pictures. Rather than adding milk and eggs you liturally just add the can of pop to the cake mix.


Here J is just checking out what was in the packet he was trying to chew on.  He did nearly spoon the whole lot out onto his high chair so you do have to be careful.  He also had fun trying to open the pop can , however he was then determined he wanted to play with it.



He seem to enjoy watching me pour the pop into the mix as it all fizzed up  He definitely liked helping me whisk the mixture and especially trying out eating the mixture of the whisk.  The good thing with making it like this is that there is no raw eggs in the mix so it wont harm him to try it.




He did stop eating the mixture to watch me pour the mix into the cake tin.



He started to kick off that I had put the cake in the oven , so to keep him happy I put some porridge oats in a bowl and poured some syrup over it so he could poke and squish it all together.


I then added some raisins and some of the choc shot into the mixture. He had fun playing with it and eating some. DSC_0043

I was impressed at how well the cake looked when it came out of the oven .


I added the filling and then the drizzle to the mixture.  In all honesty I forgot to check how much dairy free butter we had in so I had to make it up as I went along.

J loved the cake, I think it was the lemon flavour that did it.  In all honesty I found the actual cake a bit stodgy however im use to normal cakes . This is a great way to make cakes for those that cannot eat milk or eggs . We are lucky that J can tolerate cooked milk and eggs now so we wont need to make cakes like this again but  I would definitely recommend it for those that cannot.

Please let me know if you have tried it

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