CMPA Awareness MOOvember

This is a guest post about MOOvember, I wrote about it last year here.

CMPA Awareness

So it is that time of year again… That’s right MOOvember time 🙂

Back in 2013 when our Facebook groups were relatively small and our charity was just beginning, a group of members had an idea of holding a sponsored “free from dairy” week, where they avoided all dairy in their diet.

Many members took part in the event in November, and they aptly named it MOOvember!

The event was so popular that we decided to recreate it in 2014, only bigger and better. We created a CMPA awareness ribbon, in cow print, we sold almost 1000 during the course of October and November. We also created a ‘Twibbon’ campaign and Facebook and twitter was flooded with cow print ribbons on our members profile pictures, and it really got people talking about CMPA.

Thanks to our members hard work we were able to raise almost £1500 in 2014, this year our aim is to raise £2500.

There are many ways you can support our MOOvember campaign, from holding a free from coffee morning to getting sponsored to go dairy free for a week (or even the whole month)

What CMPA Support so desperately need the extra support for….

CMPA Support are raising funds to improve our website, create a telephone support line and for a variety of community projects.

The first, and in our eyes, most important of these is our “allergen free playgroup scheme”

We want to provide a safe place for babies and toddlers to play and socialise, and where parents/carers can meet and socialise at the same time, with others who understand what they are going through. Our playgroups will include all children, no matter what their allergies, abilities or disabilities are.

Our groups will not only provide peer support, but also professional medical support, from BDA registered dietitians, fully trained community health visitors.

In order to create these groups, we need to raise lots of funds, to provide brand new, and therefore clean, toys. We need to pay for room hire, wages for the group leaders and medical staff.

We are beginning a pilot scheme in Darlington and believe a £1000 budget for start up costs is required, plus a running cost of around £120 per week!

We need your help to raise money to run these projects, so please do all you can to help!

Please contact Sarah our Fundraising Manager at for any further information.

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