6 Tips For Toddlers Haircuts.

I thought my son was good at having his haircut but recently I did a little boys hair and he was on a whole nother level.  He was so good! He sat on his own in a chair on the booster seat and I think he was that relaxed he nearly fell asleep whilst I was cutting his hair.  He even liked me using the hairdryer to blast of any stray itchy hairs.  In 10 years of hairdressing, I would have to say he was THE most behaved child’s hair I have ever cut.   Do you know what the shocking thing was … he wasn’t even 2 yet!.

toddler haircuts

When it comes to toddlers getting a haircut, quite often the parents can make it more of a fuss that it needs to be.  I wouldn’t worry about prepping your child before the haircut as this in itself makes a haircut a big issue from the start.  Personally, I would just bring the child in for a little trim first and take it from there if they don’t like it.  I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how children can react to someone else.  Hairdressers have a few trips up their sleeve when it comes to cutting kids hair, It helps when said hairdresser has their own child.

A couple of toddler haircut tips for at home, that might make your hairdresser trip a bit less stressful.

  • Comb your child’s hair even when they don’t have any.  My son hardly had any hair when he was born but I made sure to get him use to me combing it for when he finally grew some hair.
  • Use a hairdryer from a young age, even if it is just in the child’s surrounds as this will get the child use to hairdryer noises.
  • Let your child play hairdressers with you and let them brush your hair.  I do realise this often means getting hit in the head with a brush.
  • Take your child with you to get a haircut. I’m not suggesting to take them to a massive colour appointment, but by them seeing you get a haircut they will realise that it isn’t a big issue and that it doesn’t hurt to have a haircut.
  • Please don’t tell them if they don’t sit still we will cut their ear off or anything along those lines.  We don’t want them to be scared of us for no reason.
  • Finally please don’t force them to have a haircut if they are screaming. Pinning them down whilst they have a haircut is not only traumatic for them but also for the hairdresser involved.

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