A new begining

Recently I made the decision to start a new blog The life of a Hairdresser. I’m not getting rid of Mum to a Monster but I will be changing the way I post slightly. I will keep this blog for family related posts, however, I will be posting more about hair and beauty over on the new blog.


The reason I have decided to do this is because I have had several post ideas that didn’t seem to fit with this blog so I have put off writing them. ┬áNow I will have a separate area so I will definitely be writing more and hopefully, it will help with bloggers writing block that I seem to get occasionally.

I am planning on adding a separate page to Mum to a Monster so that it should link up over to The life of a Hairdresser should you wish to have a nosey.

If there is anything you particularly fancy me writing about please leave me a comment below.


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