My Experience of Postpartum Hair Loss

My experience of Postpartum hair loss

As a hairdresser, I regularly have people that come to see me and mention that they are losing hair not long after having a baby. When you are pregnant your hormones stop your hair from shedding as it normally would, this means when your hormones go back to normal you notice all the hair falling out. Although postpartum hair loss is normal, when J was born I never really noticed it myself. Fast forward to C being 10 months old and I may have even jokingly googled ‘How much does a Hair transplant cost?’.

As someone who has always had thick hair, I have never really had the worry about losing any, in fact on several occasions I have wished I didn’t have so much hair. Whats that saying “Be careful what you wish for”! I start off with good intentions curling my hair but by the time I get halfway through it I regret starting it because it takes me so long.

It is only in the last month or so that I have noticed my hair falling out. At first, I thought it was because I wasn’t washing it that often so it was just a build up of hair. Then I realised I haven’t been leaving it a long time between washing than normal, so it cannot be just that reason. It was only then that I considered Postpartum hair loss. I can rake my hands through my hair when it is wet with conditioner on and loads of hair comes out. I’m not going to lie it did worry me at first but I know it’s just hormonal so will stop happening soon. I am not going to miss constantly having to unblock the bath drain.

If you are suffering Postpartum hair loss I can only recommend keeping on top of your haircut to help those wispy bits catch up to the rest of your hair quicker.  By doing this it will keep the hair in nice condition. I don’t believe that taking any vitamins will make a difference and it is just one of those things you need to ride out. If you are conscious of how much hair you have lost. you could always consider some clip in extensions.

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