Children’s Bedroom Makeover – The Plan

We have decided that it’s about time we did the children’s bedroom makeover. J & C both share a room and have done since C was about 6 months old. I say share a room but what I mean is that C starts off in her cot in there, but soon enough ends up in our bed before the night is over. The bedroom they are in is our old bedroom as out of the two that one is the largest. It wasn’t until the other day that I realised it hasn’t been decorated in around 3 years when we originally renovated the house. At the moment it is a weird sandy colour with black stripy wallpaper on one wall. I asked J what type of bedroom he would like and he replied with a rainbow room. Rainbows are unisex so good choice in m eyes.

My original idea was to do either grey or white walls with clouds on one feature wall, then for the rainbow theme to use rainbow accessories. Cue a quick browse of Pinterest, who am I kidding it wasn’t quick, I now have loads of ideas of pom pom buntings and felt decorations to name a few.

We have been given some vouchers to get some Valspar paint so that is the next thing to go and choose from my list. Even though my original thought was grey or white, J wants to have blue like the sky. My plan is to go and look at the different shades of Valspar paint and choose the palest blue possible. The other reason I am doing rainbow accessories and not a rainbow wall is so that in the future it will be simple enough to change if needed.

Once I have managed to re-sync my instant ink printer, anyone knows how??? I am then planning on printing out a few designs and framing them to go on the wall. Needless to say, if you don’t end up seeing these then the printer got thrown through the window.

I have also taken to sewing and have been cutting up several shapes in felt in rainbow colours. I have slowly, around naps, been making some sort of rainbow garlands and even managed a felt rainbow. I have found this surprising therapeutic and even took it away in the caravan with me to continue in an evening.

As the children share a room we also have the struggle of how to rearrange the furniture. Currently, there is a bed, a cotbed, 3 IKEA wardrobes and a chest of drawers and a cube storage unit. We don’t have any room in our room to move any furniture so it all has to stay in there. My current thought is to possible use an Ikea Kura bed and make it into a bunk bed with a cot on the bottom, or even put C in a bed at the bottom. I’m pretty sure J was in a bed by this age as he has learnt to climb the cotbed.

Do you have a rainbow room? Any rainbow item recommendations?


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