Garden update and slug takeover

The other day I was sorting out the household paper work and I actually managed to find some original pictures from when our house was rented out before we bought it.  It is unbelievable how different it looks.

You can clearly see the wonky path with drove D mad every time we were outside.  Why do it like that!!.  If you havent read my garden update you can read the start of it here.  Since I posted that we have put new lawn down at the bottom of the garden.  Which now actually grows quicker than the original grass!.  J loved helping D lay the lawn but D was trying to explain to him we cannot stand on it whilst it settles.  D set up a string fence to try to keep J off it, which worked most of the time but failed miserably sometimes.

D also has built his raised planter and pond.  He had this in his head since we came to look around the house to buy it.  In all honesty I had no idea what he was planning but I just let him get on with it.  I’m very proud of him as it looks amazing.  My contribution was using the Stanly knife to cut the edges of the pond off.



J quickly learnt he could climb up the side and he does a Lara croft shuffle along the side.  He loved helping D make this and would pass him the planks of wood when asked.  When D started building the shell to this planter it didn’t look like it would look like much at all, however now he has finished it and stained the wood it looks amazing.  We managed to buy a job lot of railway sleepers to create a raise bed at the side of the newly widened and straightened path.

We went and spent a mini fortune on plants and I grew my own from seeds only for slugs to eat them!. It’s the first time I’ve even managed to actually grown anything and I’m gutted.  We have since bought some slug repellent but we have to be careful because of the cats as well as J.

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Seeds have grown whilst we have been away

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Luckily i didn’t plan all my seeds into the raised planter.  I saved some lavender plants and have since decided to try them in plant pots.  All the plant pots I looked at were either really heavy or really expensive.  I saw this set of four at dobies* for a barginous £24.99 so thought I would give them a try.


I love the fact that they look more expensive than they are, I clearly have a champagne dream on a lemonade budget when it comes to gardening items.  I made the mistake of filling them with soil at the opposite end of the garden than I wanted to keep them.  This didnt matter though as I was surprised how light they were to carry even though they had soil in them.  This will be why they are made out of UV-stabilised polyurethane.   I will try and grow some more seeds and be on top of the slug game.  Hope fully next year I still wont be complaining about slugs.  Even J knows if he finds a slug to tell me and we will chuck it behind the shed.

I will not be beaten evil slugs!! #gardening #flowers #lavender

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Do you have any gardening tips?




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