C 15 Month Update


Sleep is hit and miss, it is nowhere near as bad as your brother was. You like to have a nap during the day but that can vary between two naps or one long one.  The ideal time is when you sleep at around 11 for 2 hours.  If you sleep past 4 you are a nightmare to get to bed in the evening. Even though in the day you can sleep for 2 hours without a peep, at night like clockwork you can guarantee you will wake up within an hour crying.  It varies at this point whether you will settle back to sleep easily or if you will end up in our bed or downstairs. Once you end up in our bed you sleep really well normally, maybe waking once or twice because you cant find your dummy. You are currently breaking your top teeth so you are unsettled more than normal at the moment.

Size and Development

You weigh 18.4lb and are currently wearing clothing between 9-12 and 12-18 months. You have your own personality now and have become a proper little person. You love dancing and can often be seen randomly bopping away in your car seat. You enjoy reading and will bring me books to read to you. You have been walking independently for a while and we have just bought you your first pair of proper shoes, we had trouble finding some so small as you are a UK size 2.  You still only have 2 bottom teeth although your top teeth seem to be making the way down.


Amazingly you have started saying words, you have been babbling for a while now.  This is new to us as J was really late talking. Some of the words you can say include Muma Dada, Jacob (in your own way) Pasta, Car, Doadi (dummy), Bookbag, More, All gone, Shoes, Bloobs (blueberries), Dog, Una (Luna the cat)


You love eating food, your current favourites seem to be beans and blueberries, but not together of course. In a morning you have breakfast with your brother and then will have a second breakfast when we get back from the school run.  I honestly don’t know where you put it all as you are still so small. Somedays you can eat more than J.

Thing to remember

  • Dragon impressions. I first taught you to do this so you would blow your nose, it has fast become your party trick and you also now get called Khalesi
  • You adore your brother and would rather sit next to him on the sofa than either your dad or I.
  •  Playing chase with J and playfighting with him.

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