Exploring Lyme Park

I was struggling with what to do the other morning so I made a decision to drive to Lyme park.  I had to stop J from falling asleep in the car on the way there ,as we went quite early in the morning.  I presume he felt like me and could have had another nap. 3
When we first arrived at Lyme park I was amazed at how quiet it was, I suppose it was a wet early Tuesday morning though.  As soon as we got out of the car J decided to head over to the step. We had to walk up them all which was quite difficult for him in wellies.  Once we got to the top we happened to see a horse strolling past as well as a few dogs.  As usual rather than sticking to the path J wanted to wander in the brambles.

When we got to the top of the hill the alarm on the café started going off. This resulted in J wanting to find it via the massive steep muddy hill. He had a massive meltdown when I said we couldn’t go down it. We had to walk diagonally towards the café along the path so we didn’t fall. When we got towards the bottom of the hill I let J walk without  holding my hand . Mainly because he was trying to be independent and refused to hold my hand even thought it was slippy.  J proved me wrong though and didn’t fall in the mud. Once J found where the alarm was coming from he was quiet happy and wanted to sit and watch the ducks. He found it hilarious when they swam over to him. He did was to get in the pond at one point, which I wouldn’t put past him as he has no water fear.  Because of this we made our way over the bridge to the adventure play area.

I have never actually been to this play area before and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. J as usual thought he was older than he is and was trying to go on everything. Including a temper when I wouldn’t help him climb up the ladder onto the triangle things. He had great fun shouting in the tunnel and hearing it echo, I think he was in there for around 10 minutes.

I am glad we took J’s waterproofs and wellies as it was very muddy. This didn’t bother us as we were prepared for it but I can imagine how muddy some children would get. J slipped over at one point and ended up with mud on his hands. You can see from the photo he wasn’t impressed. Mean mummy took a photo first before cleaning them.

Lyme Park is located on the edge of the Peak District, The 1,300 acre estate was once home to the Legh family. Currently it is owned by the National Trust, which is great for local members . I have a young person membership which is £27 a year. This in its self is worth it as parking is £5 for non members. We will definitely be visiting more , finally here are some scenery photos.



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    Oh that sounds like great value and a perfect place for your adventurous toddler to push boundaries and show you just what he is capable of! Thank you for sharing a lovely post on Country Kids.
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