How to Survive the Sickness Bug

When anyone has a sickness bug you feel sorry for them. If it is your child you feel helpless. When it is both your children at the same time it is horror. As someone whose family is on the better side of a sickness bug here are my tips on how to survive the sickness bug.


J started complaining his belly felt funny, in hindsight this should have been a warning sign. In reality, I just thought he needed a trump.  He then spent 30 minutes laying on the sofa watching tv with a drink. At this point, C was asleep upstairs, not long after she woke from her nap and I brought her downstairs.  Within five minutes of C  in the same room as J, that was when everything happened. J randomly threw up everywhere, luckily into his glass at first, whilst I ran into the kitchen to grab a big blue bowl. TIP NUMBER 1 Make sure you have a sick bowl. As I was giving J the sick bowl C started to be sick all over the sofa. Cue another mad dash to grab a towel and another sick bowl. TIP NUMBER 2 Make sure you have a good sick bowl ratio.

This is the first time C has ever had a sickness bug, that I can remember. I had to prioritise sorting her out as she is only 20 months and was scared stiff. I ended up sitting between them at one point stroking both their backs. At this point, I presumed C just was one of those people that didn’t cope well when other people are sick around them.  Looking at you husband. TIP NUMBER 3 Don’t presume anything. Once everyone had stopped the initial sick process, it was easier to take them up to the bath to clean off. As we are currently in the middle of a heatwave AKA summer they were both basically naked anyway.

Then came the carnage of cleaning the sofa. It was only the day before I was talking about the corner sofa needing a Vax. There were far too many squashed biscuit crumbs and random drink spillages going on anyway.  With the addition of the sick, my thought process was, what harm would hot soapy water do. At this rate, it looked like I was going to have to burn the sofa anyway. TIP NUMBER 4 Don’t let the children watch you clean the sick up, as this would probably make them spew again. After a good scrub and a few strategically placed towels, we were good to sit on it, at least until I borrow the vax off family again. The advantage of summer meaning it would dry quickly.

J was understandably feeling very sorry for himself, he wanted the sofa bed out so he could watch a film on it and just veg like we all want to went we are ill. TIP NUMBER 5 limit surface area for sick. You can see where this is going. J was sick again all over the sofa, including the extra bed bit that was now out. C at this point started shouting “NO” and looking worried as if it was going to happen to her again. It didn’t, yet. As we were only on one child being sick I could sit with him and comfort him whilst he was being sick into the trusty sick bowl. It was this point I removed all of the cushions from the sofa. TIP NUMBER 6 Wash sick bowl out with hot soapy water as soon as you can, ready for the next round of sick when needed.

Inevitably C started to be sick again, luckily not at the same time as J. At this point, I had become immune to the sick and it wasn’t really bothering me. The hardest part was me hearing C wretch just before she started to be sick. I held the bowl in front of her and she pushed it away shouting “NO” seconds before she threw up. TIP NUMBER 7 Talk to the children calmly and tell them it doesn’t matter. At first, C was trying to hold it in I think so I had to keep telling her to spit it out. Obviously, at 20 months, she understands everything so I do think this helped.

After a whilst the sick stopped and we all resorted to relaxing on the sofa watching film. C fell asleep early downstairs. After placing towels folded over onto their beds, just in case they were sick again, I took C up to bed. When it was time for J to go up to bed I made sure to take the trusty sick bowls up and kept them next to the children.

Thankfully everyone seems to be on the mend again now, I’m just living in fear that the sickness bug is going to hit me in a few days.

Here are some more tips for you 

Home delivery shop, lots of old towels and plenty of washing detergent! The Mum Diaries

A big disposable tablecloth to protect the lounge from any bowl misses! Also, bicarb of soda works wonders to get rid of sicky smells.  Happy Family Hub

I put a large towel on the beds and sofa to catch any surprises and hopefully stop the whole bed or sofa getting messy. We have a sick bucket that comes out. Lots of sleep and films with plenty of water to drink and food when they feel like it. Sometimes we roll out the sofa bed and put all the duvets on it so it’s mega comfy and just give the kids the Netflix remote. They’ll lie there all day resting, sleeping and watching something to take their mind off it Healthy Vix

Don’t try to keep the siblings apart, with the seven of them I always find it easier to deal with a couple of days of lots being ill other than one every couple of days! Chances are they will have already caught the bug by the time the first one goes down with it! Big Family Organised Chaos

Disinfect disinfect disinfect, keep them cool and make everything super comfy for them! Winging Mamahood

Any more tips you would add?

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