Our Favourite Bedtime Stories

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When I was pregnant with J I envisioned bedtime being this really lovely and relaxing time. I thought we would snuggle up in bed, read a nice book, tuck him in bed with a little kiss and then be on my way downstairs whilst he fell asleep. Yes, I now realise how ridiculously naive I was.

Fast forward to having two giddy children and bedtime isn’t quite the relaxing time I once imagined it would be. The problem I always had was finding a book that would encourage the children to sit down with me. More often than not bedtime results in both children bouncing around the bedroom and trying to get several toys out all at the same time. As they share a bedroom we have to have a middle ground when it comes to bedtime stories.  I normally read a book to both of them and then J will go up onto the top bunk. He then normally reads in bed for a few minutes with his little lamp and then he goes to sleep.

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bedtime stories

Our current favourite bedtime story books are

The Gruffalo. A story about a mouse on a dangerous adventure through the woods. The mouse meets different animals along the way who all invite him home in an effort to try to eat him. This is where he tells them about the mythical creature the Gruffalo. This is a favourite all round as not only do we have hand puppets but J has been taking part in a Gruffalo theme at his school. I think I know this off by heart now after all these years

Monkey Puzzle. A story about a monkey who has lost his mum in the jungle.  A butterfly helps the monkey to find his mum, but not before suggesting several other animals in the meantime. C loves to tell me that each animal isn’t the monkeys’ mummy, and she gets so happy when he finds his mum.

Scott and the Runaway Sock. A story about a pair of matching socks who live in a drawer. Scott’s friend goes missing and he goes out of his safety zone into the scary world to find him. J loves this story as I think he finds the idea of a sock walking around the house hilarious. I like this story as it teaches him that trying something new doesn’t always need to be scary

The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep.  A story designed for children to fall asleep. When Rodger rabbit can’t fall asleep, mummy rabbit takes him to see Uncle Yawn.  We actually listen to this as an Audiobook and I’m not going to lie I often end up zoning out to the words in the story that I don’t recall most of it. C has a rabbit comforter she sleeps with so she likes listening to the rabbit story with him.

The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons A story following a little girl called Isabelle and her dog, Pickle. They travel through the four seasons in one day. On each page, you can press a button to hear music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Both children love this story and it is a great way to introduce them to a different style of music. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I recognised most clips of music. A great way to open a discussion with the children about which clip was their favourite and why.

I do have to be careful what I read at bedtime as J is a sensitive overthinker. The book has to be something lighthearted that won’t give him bad dreams. Since C was born I have also become more aware of stories where girls are the main character. I don’t want her to be surrounded by the typical damsel in distress type books, where a princess waits for a prince to save her. There are a few books that have made their way over to the charity shop for this reason.

What are your favourite bedtime stories?


  1. Issy joslin says:

    Great post. Some lovely book choices. If I can get both my 2 to Listen to a story together they both love the Alfie books by Shirley Hughes x

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