Then You Were 2

This month has brought C’s 2nd birthday, I cannot believe how quick the time has gone. It seems like only a few months ago I wrote her birth story.


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2-year update

Sleep is still hit and miss. You have dropped your nap the majority of the time although you could do with a power nap after dinner. You use to sleep in your bed until you woke in the night and then came into our room for the rest of the night. As you were refusing to go to sleep unless you were in our room we stopped this. Now if you won’t settle in the night we get onto the bottom bunk with you. You generally wake once or twice in the night still. You no longer have a dummy which means no more shouting trying to find it in the night.

Size and Development
You are currently wearing clothing size 18-24 months. I have no idea what you weigh as I can’t remember the last time you got measured. You have grown into such a lovely little person. You still love dancing and always ask for your disco light on. You still enjoy reading and will bring me books to read to you. You enjoy reading your books back to me and your teddies. You are a UK shoe size 4. You nearly have all of your teeth and are currently cutting your top fangs through.

Daily I am amazed by your speech. We can have full on conversations now. You understand everything that it said to you and some of the things you come out with make you sound like a little old lady. “I be back in moment” complete with a pointy finger up. You love singing songs and regularly request certain songs in the car. Wind the bobbin up is definitely your favourite.

You still love your food but have definitely become fussier as you have grown up. You still want to eat pretty much everything. You have been known to have several helpings of breakfast and eat more than your brother some days.

Things you like
Rabbit toy
Giraffe toy

Thing to remember
* Playing chase me if you can, running around the kitchen table
* You want to do everything yourself Including when we went swimming and you kept trying to get me to let go. I DO IT ON MY OWN.
* Playing tea parties with teddies and the cat

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