Whats been happening?..

We have had a leak in the caravan which meant that D has basically dismantled the back end, of the inside of the caravan, whilst he ripped the panels out and replaced them with nice dry new ones. This has become a work in progress as there is not that much free time at the moment, especially as it’s not been the weather to be in a caravan in the evenings.

We are down to one car, one of the recent lots of snow meant that D and J went ice-skating into someone’s garden wall. Luckily everyone was ok but the poor car was worse for wear and had a broken radiator. After some discussion and deliberating, we have decided to repair it rather than replacing it. D has sourced the parts he needs but again lack of spare time and even more snow means that he hasn’t really been able to fix it yet. He has been getting the bus to work for the past few weeks. Although it’s working out quite well it means he has to leave for work slightly earlier and doesn’t get home till later.

Over mothers, day weekend J ended up going to the hospital twice. On Friday he had a head bump at the school, they rang me as it was a bad one, resulting in ice for 20 mins and a lump. Head bump letters are a common occurrence but this is the first phone call. He was ok though and stayed in school as normal. On Saturday J had another fall/slip which ended up with him becoming extremely sleepy and not wanting to do anything, My mum took him to the hospital where they monitored and checked him over. He was at her house when it happened.

We were told to let him sleep but to rouse him occasionally and bring him back to the hospital if he was sick or any other worries. That night we checked on him and he was ok at 11 pm & 2 am, when it came to D checking on him at 5 am J was shaking but spoke to D straight away when he said something. D got him off his bunk bed where J promptly threw up everywhere. This resulted in D taking him back to the hospital whilst I stayed at home with C still in bed. It’s moment like that you are really torn as you want to go with the poorly baby but someone has to stay with the baby at home.

J ended up on the children’s ward where he slept most of the time whilst being monitored and check over again. he eventually came home about 9.30am where he continued to sleep for the rest of the day until about 3 pm. He still wasn’t right so I kept him off school on Monday, it was this point he had bounced back to his normal self and was bouncing off the walls again. needless to say, he was back in school on Tuesday.

Hopefully, that is all the drama and things will be back to normal soon enough.


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