Family Announcement

We have a new addition to the family… not a baby ,it’s a new kitten.
Smudge is a black long furred eight week old kitten.  We are not sure he is keeping the name Smudge as every time we say it J say NO!.

 Smudge originally came round when Luna was out so that he could settle in first. He  seems to be very much a lap cat as he spent all the time just sat on my knee having a stroke.  J absolutely adores him especially since he started crawling on the back of the sofa like Luna used to.  I think the feeling is mutual as Smudge hasn’t tried to hide under the sofa yet like Luna did at first.
The first introduction between Luna and smudge went really well smudge isn’t really phased by Luna.  As Smudge is black it’s easy to misplace him however Luna can be found sat not very far away from him just watching.  As I am writing this they are following each other around the front room.  It’s hard to believe that Luna was so small and I’m sure that Smudge will catch up very soon.

We got another kitten to keep Luna company as she is very social with the local cats.  I think we may need to invest in a cat flap as she never wants to stay in.  Hopefully we will manage to keep letting Luna out with out Smudge sneaking out until he is older.

Do you have any animals? Did their introduction go well?

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