How to de flea a kitten

We recently got another kitten and unfortunately he had a few fleas when we picked him up.  If you are not sure what fleas look like a good way to tell if they are present is to see if there is any flea dirt.  Flea dirt looks like black dots however when put on a wet tissue they turn red because of the blood in the dirt.  Obviously these would show up most easily on a white cat.  If you brush the kittens fur in the opposite direction you will find it easier to notice fleas and flea dirt.



Fleas are quite common however most treatments are not to be used on kittens under 12 weeks.  This leaves a problem if you have a new kitten as they are normally 8 weeks when they leave the mother.   A good way to de flea a cat or a kitten is to use a metal flea comb and comb out the fleas.  I wouldn’t bother with a plastic comb as from my experience they are useless.  When you comb the fleas out it is best to put them into water or on a damp tissue.  Another really good idea is to use a cat safe shampoo and to bathe the kitten, you can actually get cat safe flea shampoo but make sure that it can be used on kittens under 12 weeks old.  If your kitten wont tolerate a bath the other option is to use a spray bottle.  Apparently using a mixture of Apple Cider vinegar and shampoo work well for fleas on cats.

There are also ways to prevent fleas which include washing pet bedding regularly, using a flea comb often, around the home you should vacuum as often as possible and wash bedding.

Do you have any tips on de fleaing a kitten?


  1. Natalie Ray says:

    Ah bless, so cute! The kittens that is, not the fleas! I don’t have any tips on how to de-flea a kitten but my one tip is not to use Bob Martin flea treatment on cats or kittens because it can cause respiratory problems in some animals and has caused death in extreme cases. Very tragic.x
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