How to settle your new kitten in

If you follow me on Facebook or twitter or even instagram you will have seen we have recently got a new addition to the family.  Luna the kitten

My original plan for this post was to write about how to settle a kitten into your home and what tips were best to follow.  However I quickly realised that it was pointless as having a toddler means you can’t always follow the proper advice.  Advice such as leave the kitten in a room on its own to settle at first and keep calm and quiet around the kitten.  As you will realise this is impossible with a toddler.

I will however let you know what we did and how it worked.  J has always been a fan of cats, or Nan’s as he calls them.  When I eventually convinced D to let us get a kitten for J, we bought a few cat related items.  We have had these items out around in the house for a while for him to get use to so the novelty wore off.  He even ended up playing with a plastic cat in one of the cat beds.

As we knew the person we were getting Luna off we were able to visit her before she was old enough to bring home.  This helped J get use to her and for her to get use to us.  Luckily there were already children in the house when she was born so Luna has been around children since birth.  I do think this has helped her settle in so well.   When we brought Luna home the plan was to let her come out on her own accord and just wander around and explore the rooms.  However J had other plans and lay on the floor next to the carrier repeatedly saying “nan”, We realised the other day nan is actually the meow a cat makes , according to J  anyway.

I got J to sit on my knee for a short while whilst Luna had a wander but he quickly got fed up of this idea.  In the end I ended up taking J out in the garden for a bit to run off some energy and give Luna some time to herself.  This seemed to help as after we came back in the house J didn’t seem overly fussed with Luna and she fell asleep on the sofa.

It’s safe to say by the end of the day they were the best of friends.  J even kept offering Luna some of his ice lolly.    I love the fact that Luna will grow up with J and keep him company. Both D and I had cats growing up and they were a massive part of our life.


  1. Natalie Ray says:

    Oh how lovely. We have recently got a puppy and it is gorgeous to see babies growing up with animals. We have an older dog and a cat too so my two have always been around them. Your kitten is beautiful and I’m sure her and J will be the best of friends.xx
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