Luna the Cat Dog

I’ve not written about Luna in a while so I thought I would update you all. Luna and J are still as thick as thieves, Luna has taken it upon herself to become some sort of cat-dog hybrid.  She follows J around everywhere including to the shops.  Luna seems to think if an outside door is opened she has to go through it even if it means going out of the front and straight back in through the back door.  We have a slight problem in that if we want to walk anywhere Luna will follow us, up to the point that I have had to walk back and lock her in the house several times as I am not sure when, If, she would actually stop following us.  It is very cute to see J wonder where she is as sometimes she hides behind a bush until we carry on walking.


My friends live very locally and when they went away recently I had offered to feed their animals.  This meant a family walk to their house including Luna, who had to get locked in the kitchen until we were ready to walk home again.  I do get slightly worried that she will get hit by a car crossing roads with us but she actually seems to be quite street smart.

We are lucky to live on the same road as my BIL and SIL so when we visit their house, Luna will sit on their front windowsill until we are ready to leave and then she will follow us home.  She has even been known to jump the fence into their back garden and come in the conservatory, This includes meeting their cats and dog.  She is not fazed at all by this and even gave the dog a little swipe when he tried to get her to play fight with him like his family cats do.

J loves looking after Luna and has started offering her a ‘cup of tea’ with her dinner, it’s really a cup of water out of his tea set.  Recently we tried Luna with some Dreamies* cat treats and she loves them to the point I have had to hide them from both her and J, as he would probably let her have the full packet.


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