Luna the kitten update

Luna the kitten has been here for just over a week now and its safe to say she has made herself at home.  I mentioned before how she seemed to settle well when we brought her home.  She did get in the habit of hiding under the settee when she wanted a bit of peace, which i don’t blame her.  There has been a few occasions we thought we had lost her but now she has been here longer she very rarely hides in the day.

 It is nice to come home and find her waiting at the door for you.  It took her about 3 days before she ventured upstairs when we were all getting ready for bed and she just appeared, which J found hilarious.  She has helped me put J to bed once but the second time he told her to go downstairs as she was purring to loudly.

The bond between J and Luna is lovely already which I think that is down to him playing games with her.  He adores playing wiggle stick with Luna but doesn’t quiet understand he needs to wiggle it a bit slower.  We have found a use for some of J’s toys for Luna.  She loves playing with the fabric tunnel and they have spent time together crawling through following each other.  Another favourite of J’s is to turn the bubble machine on for Luna and ‘help’ her pop them.  J has started to pick Luna up but he is extremely gentle and generally just puts her on the sofa to sit next to him.  Its cute when he wanders around after her with his arms out wanting a love.

Every morning , and even sometimes in the night, when J wakes up the first thing he asks is to go down and see Luna, this is both cute and annoying.  It is a mutual habit though because you can guarantee that Luna must here J when he wakes up as she starts Meowing.  J has been teething recently, evil molars, so has woken crying a few times.  If Luna has been in my room with me , when I go to see if J is ok she will follow me to check him.



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