RIP Smudge Kitty

You may have read recently that we got a new kitten as a friend to Luna.  He was annoying and so much more mischievous that Luna was.  He was always clawing the carpet and has climbed up the curtains several times.  If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you will have seen photos of them playing together.

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Unfortunately last week Smudge was hit by a car and killed.

It was around 7pm that Smudge ran out of the front door when D nipped out whilst I was putting J to bed.  There was nothing wrong with Smudge going out though as he had done so since he was old enough and he had his injections.  When Smudge was at the vets we also got him microchipped just as we had done for Luna.  Whenever Smudge went out he always came running back home, just as Luna does, when you called him.

On this particular night however I asked D to find smudge as he hadn’t ate that evening.  It was around 9pm as D was just going to go upstairs and I was just finishing writing up a blog post.  D however couldn’t find Smudge anywhere in the house and he wasnt coming home when called, not even shaking the cat biscuits worked.  There wasnt anything we could really do but wait so I stayed downstairs for a while longer with the front door open slighty.  In the meantime D checked the shed as he had a feeling Smudge make have sneaked in there but he hadn’t.  At around 9.30pm we both went upstairs to go to bed under the thought that Smudge might just have wanted to stay out the night.  He has stayed out overnight before so again this wasnt unusual.  I think deep down though we both had a feeling something wasnt right.
Just as I was getting into bed there was a knock at the door, D went downstairs to answer it and it was a woman asking for me and if we had a cat named Smudge.  I came running downstairs and she told me he had been hit by a car, I asked her if he was ok and she just said sorry.  She was a volunteer from a charity called Harvey’s Army and she had come out to scan Smudge and find his owner.  She had brought him home wrapped in a blanket in a box and gave me a sympathy card and a lovely bouquet of yellow roses.  I ended up crying on the poor woman but I was so grateful to her for bringing him home to us.  If she hadn’t we would have spent the next however many days/weeks worrying about him and where he was.


My next thought was what on earth I was going to tell J had happened.  I didn’t want to lie to him but I feel he is still to young to understand.  Luckily he hasn’t actually asked where Smudge is since so I havent had to deal with that issue.  I think the fact Luna is still here and that there are several cats in he family he sees hasn’t made him question about Smudge.

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I am so grateful for Harvey’s Army as without them Smudge may not have not been home so quickly.  We take comfort in the fact that it happened so quickly that he wouldn’t have been in much pain.  As daft as it sounds I am glad he didn’t survive being hit as he could have had to go through so many operations and been in agony.

You can find the Harvey’s Army north Facebook page

and find out more about Harvey’s Army here



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  1. Emma says:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that. You’re definitely right when you say it’s better it was a quick death rather than him be in agony, either way it doesn’t make it easy! x

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