Taking Part in WHISKAS® Kitten Kollege #WhiskasKollegeExams

WHISKAS® have given us the opportunity to take part in WHISKAS® Kitten Kollege, Luna has snuck in the older kitten category.

There are 3 main exams at Kitten Kollege;

P.E – C+

Agility 0/10

Luna has no concept of agility she is the most-clumsy cat in the world. She gets under your feet at every opportunity, to the point that if you try to dodge her she ends up moving into your way again.

Balance 8/10

I guess this is a trick category as I would like to think all cats have good balance, even my mums 3 legged cat. Luna is a master of balancing especially in places she isn’t meant to be. The main areas of the house she likes to balance are on the edge of the bath, the edge of the sink and the edge of the pond. It wasn’t until I just wrote that I now realise they all have water in common. Overall she has had great balance except for the time she fell in the bath when it was full.

Geography (navigating the house/garden) A-

Luna has limited geography knowledge. When it comes to a family walk she is the first to join in. Luna has been known to follow us to my friend’s house who lives a few streets away, this was cute at first, now, however, it has become a slight annoyance. The first time she stood outside meowing as though she was lost, now she likes to just swan into their house through an open door. I will give Luna a MERIT for the fact that she does always find her way back home now. The only time we have issues is when we are walking to the main road as she carries on following us regardless. When this happens I have to take her back home and lock her in the house until we come back.

Home Economics (enjoying their food) B


Observation 4/10

Luna’s observation is lacking, although she shows willing. Unless she actually sees you put her food in her bowl she will continue to harass you until you do. *Please see previous Agility*. This can occur even if you have put her food in her bowl before you let her in the house in the morning. I’m sure when she was younger and eating Kitten food she was more aware, however now she is always in such a rush she fails to see what is in front of her.

Attendance 10/10

Luna never misses a meal and often tricks us into thinking the other human has forgotten to feed her. Needless to say, she has a 100% pass rate in this subcategory.


This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for cute Kitten Kollege videos.

http://www.whiskas.co.uk/our-products/kitten /?utm_source=brandnewio-campaign&utm_campaign=1659&utm_medium=7&utm_term=10754


  1. EssexKate says:

    Very cute. One of my old cats followed me about 10 minutes away, it was a total pain. We would have to sneak out when he wasn’t looking because we were worried she would get lost.

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