New Years resolutions

Happy New Year!


Today is 1st January, it is the start of the new year in 2015. I’m sure there are many people that are making their resolutions. These may consist of being healthy , being happy , loosing weight.

However my resolution is going to be take each day as it comes . One thing that I have learnt since suffering from depression is that if you put a lot of expectations on yourself, you often set yourself up to fail. This does not mean don’t expect anything however make things more realistic. One I accepted this way of thinking ,the days have managed to get slightly easier. Even by splitting the days in half helped. The morning and the afternoon can be very different , first event had a bad morning that would then be it for the rest of the day however now if I have a bad morning I could still possibly have an okay evening.

I could make my resolution this year to lose the weight that I put on since having J. However I know that this would only send me on a downward spiral if I didn’t succeed.

The main thing is this year is that I’m hoping to spend a wonderful time with my family.

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  1. plutoniumsox says:

    I love the idea of splitting the day in half. My two nap in the afternoon so it’s a great opportunity for a fresh start when they wake up. Thanks, I’m going to adopt this 🙂

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