Birth Announcement 8/11/16 + Birth Story

Birth Announcement, if you read my last post it turns out it was the start of labour!!

Meet baby girl!!!

I was having contractions from 5am and they were happening every 10 mins on average. By the time they got to about 7 mins apart it was around 12 . They were manageable just more an inconvenience than anything else.  I did notice that if I sat down on the birthing ball or sofa that the contractions drastically slowed down, this meant I did lots of random wandering downstairs.  If I had been sat down for a while you could guarantee as soon as I got up that I would get a contraction.

I rang my midwife around 10 just to see when I should think about going into triage.  Unfortunately, it was an answering machine, which I was expecting but by 12 I hadn’t had a return phone call.  We went for a walk around the block before I rang triage actually I had a feeling it would help speed the contractions up.  It’s a good job I did ring triage as my midwife was on holiday so I would have been waiting for a call back for a long time. I explained that I was happy at home but because things happened quickly last time I wasn’t sure at what point I needed to go to the hospital. Triage said they could send out a midwife if I wanted so that they could assess me.  The Midwife arrived with a trainee and I felt like a fraud because I didn’t have any contractions for a while when they arrived.  It was because I had sat down to talk to them.  I think they were surprised I was so relaxed and calm when they arrived.  The trainee midwife examined me first and then the midwife double checked and I was already 6cm dilated.  They advised us to go into hospital straight away as they had a feeling if my waters went then the baby would appear quickly.  The midwife also mentioned that my blood pressure was on the borderline high side which was especially unusual for me as if anything its normally low.

We arrived at the hospital around 2pm and it was such a difference than last time.  Last time was very rushed and a blur as I was contracting every 2 mins when we arrived.  This time round, however, it was much calmer and I could actual take in what was in the birthing suite.  We felt like we were waiting around for ages and wish we had taken a film or something to watch as it was very boring.  Instead, we listened to the radio and I just wandered around the room looking at stuff. As my blood pressure was high when we arrived I had to keep having it checked, if it had gone any higher I would have had to move to the delivery suite rather than the birthing centre.  Luckily even though it was still border line high it didn’t go any higher so I was able to stay in the birthing centre.

The contractions started to etc stronger and closer together and it was at this point I realised that the birthing ball was no good for me when I was contracting.  I was OK sat down but the transition from sitting to leaning onto the bed, which helped ease the contractions, was the worst part. Needless to say, I gave up on the ball at that point and just wandered around the room.  I honestly couldn’t imagine having to lay down on a bed constantly in labour. I know in some cases it’s needed to be monitored but in my case, it’s obviously so important to keep active as it seemed to help speed things up.

During my contractions, I found it really helpful to concentrate on my breathing that I had learnt at yoga. In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to use the gas and air at this point. I literally dived on the gas and air as soon as I got to the hospital last time and it was all a bit hazy so I wanted to avoid that this time.  When the contractions were 3 in 10 minutes and they have really ramped up in strength I decided to get into the pool.  Considering getting in the pool was the one thing I was adamant I wanted I instantly though I had made a mistake getting in the pool.  My reason for thinking this was because as soon as I got in the pool I realised that I was limited to being knelt up in the pool.

It got to the point that I felt like I needed to push but because I didn’t know if I was fully dilated I was scared to incase it wasn’t time.  The advantage of last time was that I arrived fully dilated at the hospital so I knew that wasn’t an issue.  It was typical that I had this contraction when the midwife had left the room.  I told D o go get someone as I felt like I needed to push and inside I was starting to panic that baby would be born without a midwife there.  He came back in and told me she had just nipped to the toilet, I had another contraction and told him he better go and get someone else then as I definitely felt like I was ready to push.  Two lovely midwives came rushing in and about 5 seconds after the original midwife came back in.  They lightening the situation by joking saying they were going to pinch the delivery of the baby.  Turns out I was ready to push  as baby girl was born a few minutes after that.




  1. Mrs H says:

    Oh how lovely. What a cutie you have. It sounds like you did so well during labour. I was similarly worried about when to go to hospital this time as I’d had such a short labour with Little Miss and the first sign of that was my waters breaking. My labour with Little Mister H was also very quick but very different too. I am so glad that you have your beautiful little girl and that the birth went well. Hugs Lucy xxxx
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