Differences in Pregnancy

I haven’t really written as much about this pregnancy as I originally thought I would.  I think the reason for that is because of the differences in pregnancy.  This time round hasn’t been as easy on me as my pregnancy with J.

My pregnancy with J was pretty straight forward other than seeming to take forever.  I did have a few spotting bleeds midway through the pregnancy but I went in for monitoring and everything was luckily ok.  I put on 4 stone of weight in total and I think that was down to the fact that I took the view of I was pregnant so could eat what I wanted.

Differences in pregnancy mean that this time, I have suffered morning sickness. I never realised how horrible this could be and remember thinking that if I was actually sick I might have felt a bit better.  The sickness disappeared for about 2 weeks so I thought I was safe but it came back and it was about 23 weeks before it eased off.  This meant that my diet this time around has sometimes consisted of random things that I could actually stomach to eat at that moment.

I thought I had avoided reflux this pregnancy however when I hit 3o weeks it appeared with a vengeance.  I am back to having a bottle of Gaviscon on the bedside table to take through the night.   If I’m not waking up for a pee I’m waking up because my throat is burning.  I seem to have pinpointed this down to chocolate which makes sense as I basically lived off chocolate the first pregnancy.

When I was around 28 weeks pregnant my hips started playing up which meant although I am ok whilst I am stood up at work, by the time I get home and sit down my hips give up.  I have to be careful how I move as my hips, in particularly the left, can get a shooting pain.  I have to get D to help me up from the sofa or help me get out of bed another thing that happens occasionally is that I get cramp in my legs when I am in bed at night.  I have never suffered this before but believe me it is painful.  I have recently started pregnancy yoga in the hope that it will help strengthen my back and hips.

This pregnancy I feel like I have carried baby much lower than I did with J.  Infact when we went for the 20 week scan baby was too low to do all the measurements at first untill I put a wedge underneath my legs and gravity helped baby move higher up.

It seems like all I have done so far is moan about the differences in pregnancy, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed it.  I felt the baby move a lot early this time around, I’m not sure if this is because I knew what baby moving felt like from last time or simply because my stomach is weaker because of my first pregnancy.  I think I felt baby fluttering and popping at around 15 weeks.

I also can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has passed.  I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant but I keep forgetting how far along I am when people ask me and then being surprised.  That is probably because this time round I am busy looking after J that I don’t spend so much time thinking about what baby stuff we need or how many weeks and days pregnant I am.

My differences in pregnancy could be put down to the fact that I am having the opposite gender this time around.  I know many people would disagree with me as they have had very different pregnancies but gone on to have the same gender as previously.

I am hoping that even though I have had differences in pregnancy my labours won’t be drastically different but I suppose time will tell.


Did you have similar or different pregnancies? 




  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    You look absolutely fabulous! I never would have guessed you were having a hard time, you look so good! I’m sorry you’re not feeling great, I struggled more with my second pregnancy too. Regarding the reflux, I got this really badly and gaviscon and the like didn’t touch it. Oddly the thing that got rid of it completely was chewing gum. Whenever I felt the burning I’d chew gum and it would disappear. Often I’d chew all day, then if I woke in the night I’d chew again. Cost me a fortune in gum but I felt much more comfortable. Haven’t touched the stuff since 😉 hope you’re soon feeling better, not long to go now.xx
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  2. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot says:

    You look fab! This pregnancy has been very very similar to my first one, well so far anyway. I managed to avoid morning sickness again and just had a queasy couple of weeks. I had a boy last time and I’m convinced this one is a boy too although we haven’t found out yet!

    • alyssaliss says:

      Thank you, I’ve not done bump shots really this time round but a friend took this photo on holiday and I love it. I keep hearing that morning sickness is a girl thing so would be interested to see if you do have another boy.

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