Is this the start of Labour ??

I’m currently sat here on my bouncy ball, I think I’m in labour and I thought I’d write this bit before I forget it in case everything kicks off soon.


Over the past few days, I have been having tightenings of my stomach that I wasn’t sure if they were Braxton Hicks or contractions. Yesterday was my due date and it came and went, in the evening as I was putting J to bed I had several stabbing pains in my stomach that made me think it was maybe the start of things, I didn’t really think much of it.

This morning, however (8/11/16) at 5:11am I was woken up with what I can only describe as period pain. I did think it might be the start of something however I wasn’t really sure so I went back to sleep, I then woke up at 5:45 with another one. They are definitely more painful this time round than when I was pregnant with J but I don’t know whether that’s because they seem to be mainly in my back.  I have had to breath  through a few of them but they are still manageable.  Between getting up at 5am and D getting up at 7:15 I had about another 7 contractions.

I can remember thinking as long as we can get J to school for 9 then baby can make an appearance, much easier for childcare then. I wasn’t even sure whether D should stay home or go to work for a bit but after realising the contractions will probably every 15 minutes I thought he should probably take the day off especially so he could do the school run.

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