What’s in my hospital bag?

What’s in my hospital bag? Well if you had asked me last week or even yesterday I would have said nothing, I didn’t even know what bag to use as my hospital bag.  I realised at 37 weeks pregnant it was about time that I packed it, especially as this seems to be the question people keep asking me.  First time round I think I was very organised in packing my bag early just in case.  The hospital bag contained loads of random items that never even got looked at let alone used. My husband even had his own bag packed with snacks and books in to keep him occupied.  Well after arriving at the hospital at 7pm and J being born at 9pm he didn’t even get the chance to open his bag.

You would think that because I had a quick labour last time I would be extra prepared this time, obviously that isn’t the case and we seem to be living by the motto of ‘everything will be fine’ when it comes to organisation on anything baby related.  After a trip out to the shops on a spur of the moment visit, I now have some newborn nappies some maternity pads and a box of first infant milk starter bottles just in case.

You would think I would know what to put in a hospital bag however last time round because the labour was so quick I don’t actually think we needed anything out of it other than the bare minimum.  We still need to choose an outfit for the baby coming home, this time will both be more realistic on sizing as J’s coming home outfit didn’t fit him until he was about 3 months old but he was a tiny 6LB baby.

hospital bag

For my actual bag, I have used a baby changing bag that my SIL has given me as its more of a suitcase size so I can fit loads into it.  There is still lots that I need to pack but again it’s getting around to doing it.  The list of things that are in my bag include;

Tankini top for birthing pool

Nappies, Starter Formula set (Just in case)

Socks/slippers, Maternity knickers (big black ones from Primark) and a nightdress and dressing gown.

My Mia Tui bag with flannel, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste inside.

2 Baby vest, 2 Baby sleepsuits, Socks/Hat, Baby blanket, Muslin Squares, Going home outfit

Baby wipes, Cotton wool, Mustela no-rinse cleansing water

I still have some items I  need to put in my bag before we leave these are

Maternity Notes, Mobile phone and charger, Comfy ‘going-home’ clothes, Hair bobble and brush

As you can see I have J ‘helping me pack so I’m sure there will be some other random items that have made their way into the bag.  Hopefully, he hasn’t taken anything out that I need.  Next on the list will be packing J up a bag as we will be dropping him off with family/friends on the way to the hospital.


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