Bravado Nursing Bra Review*

I was recently sent the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in Garnet to review.  The Bravado Nursing Bra arrived at the perfect time as I had forgotten that feeling of running out of room to breath.  This was because your bump is getting bigger and you normally have a foot under your rib cage.

One thing I always struggle with when buying bra is finding one that is the right size.  When it comes to the Bravado Nursing Bra it couldn’t be easier to figure out what size you will need. Looking at the chart below it is simple to decide if you will need an S,M,L or XL, 2X.


When the Bravado Nursing Bra arrived my first thought was that I should have ordered a larger size.  I made the mistake of going off my original bra size forgetting that pregnancy changes these things. I should have made sure to remeasure before ordering.  Because of the range of sizes, the Bravado Nursing Bra was still the perfect size once I tried it on.  As, the Bravado Nursing Bra is a stretchy material it is deceiving size wise until you try it on.  This also means that is it great to wear throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Bravado Nursing Bra

The bra has a full drop away cup design for maximum skin-to-skin contact.  The bra is easily opened and closed one handed.  The bra also comes with a conversion kit which means you can convert the nursing bra into a normal bra by changing the clips. This means its great value for money as you don’t have to put it away in a draw when you have finished breastfeeding.

The Bravado Nursing Bra comes with removable foam inserts, my first thought was I haven’t worn a padded bra in decades so I wasn’t sure why it would need these.  I then remembered about how easily breast pads showed up through my old nursing bras and how self-conscious it made me.

Since C has been born the Bravado Nursing Bra has definitely come into its own. It is by far my favourite nursing bra I own. My reasons for this is that not only is it comfortable and supportive but it actually feels like a normal bra.  If you are a nursing mum I’m sure you will understand what I mean by this, some nursing bras out there are not the nicest and you can’t wait to get back into a normal bra.

The first night C was born I forgot how sensitive your breasts are and I made the mistake of removing my bra in the middle of the night, needless to say, I put the Bravado Nursing Bra back on as quickly as possible.  This was the point I realised why the padded foam inserts were a great feature as they had been masking the sensitivity.

I have actually bought another three of the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bras as when I have to wash my current bra I want another one to wear in a rotation as they are much more comfortable than the other nursing bras I own.

*I received this Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in return for an honest review*


  1. EssexKate says:

    I love these nursing bra’s. They are really comfortable and provide a good level of support, but one of the key things for me is they fit as your boobs change size in the first few months of nursing so you don’t need to buy new ones (and if your boobs get engorged the bra is still comfortable).
    Lovely colour, I haven’t seen that one before
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  2. Rita B. Franklin says:

    Who can say that mommies don’t love bravado nursing bra? Well, in my case, I think I love this Bravado nursing bra too. My first nursing bra was not really that good until I have to found this Bravado nursing bra online. There are many great reviews about this bra, so I guess I should try it too.

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