First Experience Of Using a Bike Trailer, With Two Children.

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have seen that over the bank holiday weekend we went out on the bikes for a ride. This is the first time we have used the bike trailer for the children. Previously J has always gone in a toddler bike seat on D’s bike. I did try to ride with him on it once but I wasn’t very confident as I don’t ride a bike much anymore. Last time we did a family bike ride C went in the toddler seat and J went on his bike attached to D using the tailgator. This set up worked in a straight line on the bike trail but it wouldn’t be great long term.

D managed to pick up this double bike trailer second had for £30. The kids were so excited to get out on it that they have been known to sit in it in the garden.

This was a spontaneous bike ride so I wasn’t expecting the distance we ended up doing. Around 20 miles !!. On the first impression, the bike trailer works great. It folds up so it can easily be stored in the car boot. The guy we bought it off didn’t realise there was a button to fold the arm up, he had been storing it on the back seat of his car.

Every time we have been out on the bikes I start to regret it halfway through. My bike is actually D’s old one and I find it too heavy for me after a while so start aching. This time I borrowed my step dad’s bike to see if I got on better with it.

We drove to Buxton and got on the Monsal Trail riding into Bakewell. It was a really nice ride with a mixture of gravel and tarmac surfaces. There are several tunnels along the route which were cooler and easier to build up speed and distance on the way back.

When we got to Bakewell we found a park that happened to have a Splash area. being unprepared meant that Jacob ended up getting soaked in his shorts but as the weather was so glorious it didn’t matter. We left Bakewell at around 4.30 and got back to the car at 7 pm. We would have been quicker but we had to keep stopping to break up the kids arguing and poking each other. We realised that maybe them sitting so close to each other for so long wasn’t the best of ideas. C kept leaning on J, so he would tell her no, she would react back to him. J would put his legs over C, so she would push him off.  The trailer has a pocket on each side which is perfect for holding drinks/dummies/toys. This did cause problems of C wanting J’s drink instead of her own.

So for short distances, I think the trailer is great but long term I think we need to teach J how to ride a pedal bike and use the tailgator, whilst I tow C in the trailer.

Does anyone else have a trailer? Any tips? 

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