Getting outdoors with Little Tikes – Splash Face Review

Little Tikes got in touch with me recently to share some top tips for getting kids outdoors. As a family, we get outdoors quite often but the suggestions have even given me some ideas.

Little Tikes sent us  Splash Face RRP £29.99 to help us get out more often.  Splash Face arrived just in time for the sun (it lasted 2 days if you were trying to remember when it was)

Splash Face was easy to put together even with the ‘help’ of a toddler who kept running off with the yellow plastic stakes. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t get our standard hosepipe fitting to connect to Splash Face. Once D got home from work and had a route around in the shed, he appeared with hosepipe adapter which meant that we could connect the hosepipe to Splashy Face.

We normally end up using the sprinkler on warm days for the kids to play in. This results in the garden getting drenched and flooded quite quickly.  The advantage of Splash face is, not only does it add something extra to the whole outdoor water play experience, but it doesn’t let water out until someone pulls on their side.  This means no messing around turning the tap on and off.

The whole idea around Splash face is your simple game of tug of war. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea with a competitive 5-year-old. I had visions of Splash face being pulled all over the garden, but because of the plastic stakes, the game is safely stuck in the ground. The rope doesn’t have to be pulled towards you too hard before it squirts the other person. One thing to bear in mind is that the water does squirt quite a distance. We nearly soaked next doors kids, who were in the garden at the same time. We simply spun it around so the water jets went down the length of our garden.

Although Splash Face is aimed at 4/5+ year-olds My husband and I couldn’t help getting involved. J drenched his dad when he wasn’t expecting it. As we were both already soaked we decided to go head to head, I failed massively!.  J found this hilarious whilst C, on the other hand, was running around shouting “NOOOOOO” C doesn’t seem to be a fan of outdoor water play as she doesn’t even like the sprinkler on.


  1. Have fun with them! Kids absolutely love to spend time with their parents. Whether you create an obstacle course in the garden up and over the slide and around the sandpit, or a simple game of hide and seek, playing together is fantastic for bonding and ensures lots of healthy activity.
  2. Get kids growing! Connecting children with nature is a sure fire way to spark their interest in and connection with the outdoors. Planting sunflower seeds and having a ‘whose grows tallest’ competition is a simple way to get things growing!
  3. Get creative with the outdoors, messy play becomes a lot more fun when it doesn’t matter how messy you get. The sandpit and water table are great places to start making memories, and why not take the paints, paper and brushes outdoors and help your kids with their messy masterpieces.
  4. Go on a nature treasure trail. Grab some bags and go out on a nature walk, take their scooter or trike making sure you gather interesting pebbles, and leaves along the way. When you get home you can make creative collages that you can keep as souvenirs.
  5. Get them den building! You’re never too old or too young for den building. Aside from building imagination, dexterity and divergent play skills, there is nothing more exciting than having a secret den to play in
  6. Go moon watching as a family. From counting stars,to learning all the shapes of the moon. Getting outside at night can help relax children before bed and help with a restful sleep
  7. Play bug detectives! Get muddy looking under rocks and digging in the soil to see how many bugs and worms you can spot. This activity brings nature to life and helps kids feel a sense of excitement in the outside world

We received this item free of charge for our honest review


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