Jurassic Adventure With Bents Garden & Home

We were invited over to Bents Garden & Home to try out their Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf. I had heard about Bents Garden & Home before but never actually been as its around 40 minutes away. I Picked J up from school and we headed over to Bents to see what it was all about.

We arrived at Bents garden centre and I was surprised at how large it was. I asked at customer services whereabouts the golf area was and the very helpful staff member directed me towards the back of the shop to the outdoor area. As we got closer to the golf area I noticed a very large dinosaur. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting the dinosaurs to be so large. We entered through the main area of the golf shop and I was blown away by what I saw.

We each got given a golf club, even C got a tiny little one, we also got to choose a ball. The golf balls come in different funky designs which are handy to spot when someone enthusiastically hits the ball too far.  When we entered Jurassic Cove were greeted by a massive T Rex, I’m afraid that’s my dinosaur knowledge limit. We were all impressed by this, other than C who stood there saying “noooooo”. I thought she just didn’t want to play gold at first until I realised she didn’t like the fact the dinosaur moved and made noises. J, on the other hand, thought it was extremely cool.


The course is an 18 hole course through a pirate-filled seascape, where creatures of the deep and creaking shipwrecks must be tackled. J enjoyed the holes that you had to hit the golf ball into a tube before the ball rolled into a different part. C eventually came around to the idea of dinosaur noises and attempted to play golf a few times. J didn’t really have the patience to wait around so took himself off around the course. He is a massive cheat though and kept picking up the ball and putting it where he wanted to.

Once we finished Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf we headed into Bents Garden & Home for a quick bite to eat. Before we did that though J had a little play on the remote control boats on the lake and then we stopped by the park to burn off some more energy. We could have quite easily spent so much more time there as we noticed a sandpit area as we were leaving.  We will definitely be heading back another day as we like a good wander around a garden centre. I just wish it was nearer!

We received a trip to Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf free of charge in return for our thoughts 


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