Keeping The Children Occupied At Weekends

I work every Saturday so it’s up to D to keep the kids occupied. He will openly admit that he struggles to keep then both occupied in the house. I think they all end up a bit stir crazy. Rather than wind each other up at home, they tend to head out for a walk at a park.  We have a few options not too far from home especially with us having National Trust memberships.  Lyme Park and Styal mill being local favourites. More often than not when I get home from work at around 4 pm they will still be out on one of their adventures somewhere.

J loves being outdoors and as long as he’s dressed for the weather he is quite happy. C, on the other hand, would be happy at home all day so it can be trickier to keep her occupied outside especially its wet and muddy. She is the type of child to tell you her hand is mucky and stop until you clean it. I find it fascinating how children can be so different from each other when they have been brought up in exactly the same home environment.

As the weather is starting to change its important that everyone is dressed for the outings. As usual, the children have several options when it comes to clothing and footwear. Us parents are often forgotten about and put up with old battered shoes.   I recently got some new shoes and D was recently sent some men’s walking boots to put through their paces. D has always preferred walking boots over trainers as he says they last him longer. I can’t say I 100% agree with this statement as I’m sure he has had 10 times more walking shoes that me over the years. Admittedly his walking shoes are normally cheaper than the Brasher boots. I will be interested to see if they last him better in the long run.

On first impressions, the boots seem sturdier and better made than the brands he normally has. The Brasher Men’s Country Master Walking Boots show flashes of heritage inspired design. I particularly like the natural colour of the boots making them not only practical but smart-looking. The moisture managing technology keeps surface water at bay, whilst encouraging breathability for optimised cooling. The premium leather uppers are both durable and rugged, with a comfortable footbed offering exceptional cushioning with each step. I asked D to describe what he thought of the men’s hiking boots. Chunky, Sturdy, Comfortable and waterproof were some of the words he used to describe them. He is definitely impressed by them. I am sure he will get the use out of them the amount of walking and climbing hills he does.

One thing I would wish D would do more at weekends is to take photos of what they have been up to. I love looking back at old photos as it’s a great way to get J to tell me what he’s done that day.  “I can’t remember” is a standard answer whereas photos open up that dialogue.  D always takes photos on big days out but when it comes to general walks he seems to forget.

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