Making Your House A Home with Canvas Champ

CanvasChamp recently got in touch with me to ask if we would like to review one of their canvases.

One thing I have really wanted to do it get more photos up in the house. At the moment we only have one wedding picture canvas up on the wall and I had been meaning to add more to it. We have been looking at the possibility of moving house and I  have spent several hours browsing right move. I have noticed that all the houses that I seem to like have in common that they all have photos up on the wall. Photos instantly make a feature of a wall and the more you have the more homely it feels.

The CanvasChamp website was really simple to use, in fact, it took me longer to get the children to cooperate having a photo took together than it did to use the website. I was surprised at how little you can get a canvas print from (8″x8″) £3.89. The website gives you different options for the canvas finish. I chose a standard image wrap on the sides, you can choose black colour or a mirror image edge. I edited my photo before I uploaded it to the website, for those who aren’t sure how to do this the website allows you to edit the photo to Sepia or Greyscale for free.

When the canvas arrived I was happy with how well it was packaged, it came in a box wrapped in bubble wrap. I was slightly nervous that the quality wouldn’t be up to standard, because of the low prices. I am pleased to say that I shouldn’t have had any concern over that. The quality of the photo print is great.

My only niggle is that the canvas came with one hook on the back for hanging. Upon putting the canvas up on the wall I noticed that the hook must not have been put central as it hangs wonky. This is easily solved so isn’t much of an issue for me.

I keep meaning to print out some photos and source some photo frames to make a feature wall in the hall with family photos. After finding CanvasChamp I am thinking of scrapping that idea and doing mini canvas or even using their photo collage option.

If you head over to Instagram you will soon find a giveaway to win a 10″ x 8″ Canvas.

I received this canvas free of charge in return for our honest opinion 

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