Stocking up on pet essentials with Chemist Direct

When we first got Luna we were lucky to be given a collection of essentials.   Now Luna has been with us for a while we have managed to use up most of the basics.  We already have bowls and a litter tray so we just needed to stock up on food and litter.  I have only recently discovered shopping online for essentials other than clothes and I am loving how simple it is.  It is so much more stressful trying to take a toddler shopping.  I ordered from Chemist Direct and as my order was over £40 we got it delivered for free.  I had heard off other people that delivery was quiet slow.  I placed my order before we went on holiday expecting it to arrive when we got home, however it was delivered whilst we were away, very quickly.

I couldn’t believe how many different types of litter you can choose from.  I decided to try the Bob Martin Felight Anti Bacterial Litter Crystals Twin Pack (£7.77) .  I don’t know why but the idea of crystals seems like a good idea to me.  I actually ended up mixing some normal litter in with it as once it arrived I was concerned J would think the crystals were for him to play in.  He hasn’t shown any interest though so I won’t bother mixing it next time.

In all honesty I found that the choice of kitten food was limiting but I settled on Hills Kitten Healthy Development Chicken 2kg (£14.99).  I also picked up some flea and worming treatments whilst shopping online.  The great thing about shopping online is that you can search via price so when it came to choosing worming tablets i started researching from the cheapest upwards untill I found one that seemed ok.  This is one of the major reasons why I have started liking shopping online.   It’s so easy to get carried away spending money when you are shopping with a whining toddler, as sometimes its just easier to grab the first thing you pick up.

Overall I have had a positive experience using Chemist Direct and will definitely consider using it for my future shopping needs.

I received a voucher code to use on the Chemist Direct site in return for an honest review


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