The things nobody tells you about pregnancy + Secret Saviours Review

I’m sure by now everybody knows that pregnant woman wakes up eight million times in the night to go to the toilet, however, there are several other things that people aren’t aware of.
I thought I would let you know about all the things that go bump in the night. At 37 weeks pregnant, I was full of a cold. Not only was it annoying for me, at least I am used to being awake often in the night at the moment,  My poor husband, however, was being woken up by my snoring so much so that I would often wake up in the night and he’s not in bed as he has ended up going downstairs sleeping on the sofa.

I suffered from reflux in both pregnancies and until you have actually experienced reflux I don’t think you have any sympathy for anyone. My husband has suffered from reflux but until I had it I didn’t realise how painful and uncomfortable it was.  A number of times I would wake up feeling like I needed to be sick or that my throat was on fire. I had taken to sleeping with heartburn medication at the side of the bed, I didn’t even bother with a spoon.  This pregnancy I have woken myself up actually because I have been sick in my sleep, luckily I haven’t choked when this happened but it obviously left a bad taste in my mouth.

For the first time, I actually suffered from leg cramps this pregnancy.  Luckily it was short lived and only happened on a few occasions but it was a very bizarre feeling to wake up to. It was absolute agony and my calf went rock-solid. If this happens to you I learnt that massaging the back of my calf helped settle the cramp as well as stretching my feet and pointing them up towards with the ceiling. I’m not really sure why you get a leg cramp in pregnancy but apparently, it is a thing and something I didn’t know about until it happened to me.

Later into my pregnancy, I had taken to spending the odd night downstairs sleeping on the sofa bed as I found that as it is firmer than the mattress upstairs it is better for my hips. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t have the uncomfy stabbing pain in my hip when I roll over in over in the night however when I woke up in the morning I was not as achy as I would have been. I didn’t suffer from bad hips when I was pregnant with J however when you get further into the pregnancy you have to accommodate the extra baby weight in your bump, this means that every toss and turn normally wakes you up as you basically have to scoop your bump over to the other side as you move.

Luckily when I was 34 weeks pregnant Secret Saviours came to the rescue, helping me and my hips.  Although not its main design purpose the Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Band offered much needed under-bump and lower-back support.  As a hairdresser, I spend most of the day stood up which was taking its toll on the bump as I was getting larger.

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The Secret Saviours Anti Stretch Mark Band goes on a bit like a tubaler grip.  It is a stretchy material that comes in either Black or Pink. Using the sizing guide it was easy to choose between a choice of 4 sizes.

The band is lined with special pads that dissipate stresses and strains, protecting your bump and making it difficult for stretch marks to form. Worn during the day, the band also offers much needed under-bump and lower-back support at a time when you need it most.

The way I can describe the pads on the bands is to compare them to the sticky pads you get on the bottom of socks to stop you slipping.  I really love that one of the pads are a heart shape.  The band is to be used in conjunction with the day gel and night cream.

I’m not one for lotions and potions normally as I have sensitive skin.  I often find that creams irritate me, however, I was ok using the Secret Saviours set.  I kept the cream on my bedside table so that it was easy to remember to apply in the morning and as I got into bed. The day gel leaves your skin slightly tacky and this is to help the band grip to your bump.  When I first read that the gel was to leave your skin tacky I must admit I wasn’t expecting it to be nice.  When I came to use the gel I was pleasantly surprised when putting the gel on, it spread really well and it wasn’t until the gel started to dry/soak in that it went slightly tacky. The fragrance from the gel was amazing, even now I still cannot work out what it is but if I could have bottled the smell and taken it to the hospital when I went into labour to relax I would have done.

I wore the secret saviour support band for a few days after C was born.  Not only did this help support my stomach whilst all my organs settled down but it was also great as it sucked my jelly belly in and made me feel slimmer instantly.  Now we are 4 weeks post birth I am pleased to be able to say I didn’t get any stretch marks on my stomach.  In the interest of self-disclosure, I would like to mention I didn’t get stretch marks on my stomach with my first pregnancy, however, who is to say I wouldn’t have done this time without using the Secret Saviour’s support band.

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  1. Meagan M. Winter says:

    Good for you that you are aware of the stretch marks in your pregnancy. Mine is not the same as your experience because I have no idea as a first-time mom. Maybe because I was just too busy and worrying what will I eat again during the night in the morning and in the afternoon. Really, when I think back to my pregnancy, I just looking after for the food that I want to eat. I have some stretch marks on my tummy, but for me, it is not a big issue.

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