1830 Express at MSI Manchester

We were recently invited to visit MSI Manchester to take a ride on the 1830 Express.  We have visited MSI Manchester several times but we have never been on the steam train.

Hop on the 1830 Express and step back to a time to when cotton was king and railways were about to change the world forever.  Let our Explainer team take you on an action-packed, whistle stop tour of the railways whilst you speed up and down the original track that carried passengers from Manchester to Liverpool in 1830.



I love this photo with the old steam train in the forefront, with the newer Hilton building in the background.

We had tickets for the first ride of the day at 11.30.  We got to see the train moving before we went on it, which J loved to watch, although he kept asking where the gate was for him to get on the train.  When it got nearer to 11.30 we made our way over to the start of the track.  J said we were waiting ‘all day’ but, in reality, it wasn’t long at all maybe a few minutes. When we were boarding the train J was given a plastic tomatoe to take on board.  In the train carridge, there were some boards with history information and pictures on. We were also given two flags, one white and one purple.


We were then given a talk explaining the purpose of the flags and that the white flag was a signal for the train to go, the purple being the signal for the train to stop.  J loved waving these flags over the side of the train, although I was concerned he was going to drop them on the track.  We then set off the journey down the railway track, we had to explain to J what all the steam was for and how it helped the train move.


When we reached the end of the section of track we were travelling on we had another talk, this time, explaining the difference between the carriages.  A lady had been given a fancy hat to demonstrate she should have been in first class.  We were told that first class meant you got a seat as well as a ceiling to your carriage.  This is also how the plastic tomato got brought into effect, explaining the fact that produce was also transported on the railway.


The experience was a fun interactive way to learn about some history of the railway.



March: Friday 25; Saturday 26; Sunday 27; Monday 28

April: Saturday 02; Sunday 03; Tuesday 05; Friday 08; Saturday 09; Sunday 10; Tuesday 12; Friday 15; Saturday 16; Sunday 17


11.30 (excluding Sundays); 12.10; 12.50; 13.30; 14.10; 14.50; 15.30

Please note: The train ride is suitable for all ages; the show content is suitable for ages 4+.

Adults £4, Children £3, Family (2 adults and 2 children) £12

We received a complimentary journey in return for an honest opinion. 

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