Busy Bank Holiday at MSI and Geronimo

So this Bank holiday is turning out to be another busy one, Blog On MSI on Sunday and then Geronimo On Monday.  I attended Blog On last year for the first time so I am slightly less nervous this year.  I’m still hoping that D will drop me off and pick me up so I don’t have to worry about that.

We are all looking forward to Geronimo on Monday, I just hope this snow disappears by then and we have some nice weather.  In fact, that has just reminded me I need to find some wellies to take with me just in case.  I have been looking at the geronimo timetable for Monday and I’m trying to plan around what I would like to see most so not to miss out.  I’m sure once we get there it will be that busy with so much to do, it would be easy to forget about the main stages.   Looking at the timetable I really don’t want to miss the Cheshire Dogs, Mr. Bloom & Andy Day and the White Helmets.

I’m  hoping I’m not suffering badly from morning sickness that day as the food available has been announced and they all sounds delicious.

We have the choice of Duke’s Pizza’s, The Burger, Nourish.  If you fancy something out of the ordinary then Mezani Grill  offers Kenyan street food or you could even get Mediterranean street food from Castaway Kitchen.  I have a feeling that J may want something from The Fabulous Fish Finger Company who sells gourmet fish finger sandwiches.  Poffertjesking who are actually based in Manchester, bakes Dutch mini pancakes, Belgian waffles, and crazy milkshakes.  I am particularly looking forward to this as this is the sort of food I love eating at the Manchester Christmas Markets.


For when we get thirsty, we have the choice from Sno Fro, which is made of finely shaved ice with an exotic choice of flavours and collected in a pretty flower cup.  Smoothie mania will also be offering a wide range of juices and smoothies with no added sugar, no syrups, and 100% fruit

Will you be attending Geronimo this year? Let me know what you think of it?


*We are Geronimo Ambassadors so we receive free entry *




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