Holiday Dress Shopping

I will be heading off to Portugal soon with the girls from work, for the last weekend away before bump arrives. This will actually be the first time I have been on a plane in around 11 years so I’m slightly nervous.  As we are only going for a weekend we need to pack light so I have been thinking about what items of clothing I can take and what I will fit into, as I will be 29 weeks pregnant.   Portugal will hopefully be nice and sunny so I am planning on taking my favourite maternity dress with me.  After the nice weather we have had recently I realised that I will need more than one dress for the weekend in Portugal, I seem to feel the heat even more now I’m pregnant.

I have been looking for a new dress but I didn’t particularly want to buy a maternity dress as I wanted a dress I will still hopefully fit into after bump is born.  After looking at some different dresses I realised that a maxi dress would be a great choice as not only is it appropriate for a holiday but it will also more forgiving with an ever growing bump to accommodate.

I managed to find a few different  Phase Eight Dresses that I like but in the end I decided on number 2, the House of Fraser dress which is normally a pattern I would shy away from but as it’s a holiday dress I was feeling a bit more daring than my normal black. I am glad that I choose it as I have already worn it a few times.  One problem I normal have is that dresses are normally really long on me as I am only short.  This dress, however, is perfect which meant my mum couldn’t borrow it for her holiday as she would have had to turn it up.


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