Our caravan holiday to Hafan Y Mor

We recently visited Hafan Y Mor in North Wales.  If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you would have seen my photo updates as we were there.  We have previously stayed at Hafan Y Mor several times recently.  It is definitely family orientated so makes a perfect mini holiday, however, D actual stayed here with a few friends for his relaxing stage do.  Last time we stayed with J he wasn’t even walking yet so, this time, it was a totally different experience.  We stayed Mon-Fri and the days just flew by.

We were really lucky with the weather which meant we were able to take J to the beach.  He had plenty of fun playing with stones throwing them into the sea.  We ended up buying a mini boat and wetsuit for him but never got around to using it.  We will take it on the next holiday we go on soon, though.

Hafan Y Mor

We had some nice walks whilst staying at Hafan Y Mor especially along the coastal path, I’m still a paranoid nervous wreck though and make Jacob hold our hands constantly.   We took our bikes on holiday with us and I attempted to go out on a bike ride with D and J.  I didn’t get far though as being 16 weeks pregnant and on a bumpy coastal path wasn’t the best of ideas.  I went back to the caravan while D & J carried on their bike ride., J was on the back of Ds bike even though he wanted to take his little balance bike.  Its a good job I went home as D ended up riding all the way to Criccieth where he got a puncture on the bike, He managed to fix it but I ended up ringing them at this point to see where they were so I ended up going picked them up in the car.  J was telling me how they went different ways over the beach and near a railway.


I would say that J is the perfect age at the moment for caravan holidays.  He loved it this time and was crying proper sad tears when we had to leave for home.  Whilst we were at the caravan J spent time playing outside with his cars and trucks that we had taken with us.  It was nice just to be able to sit on the grass and relax and watch him play.  He loved having his tea as a picnic outside and running around the outside of the caravan.



Hafan Y Mor also has a massive indoor swimming area.  We took J for the first tie in a while and he was extremely unsure of it.  Once we got him some armbands the next day he was much happier and loved playing on the pirate ship in the children’s area.  He even ended up going down the water slide as he was that adamant he wanted to, needless to say, once he had done it once he didn’t want to do it again, even I would have thought twice about going on it.  The only downside of the swimming pool was the fact that the heating in the changing rooms was about a million degrees hot, as a pregnant lady I felt like I was going to pass out each time I went to the toilet or to get changed.  J, however, was quite happy wrapped up in his new snap snap crocodile towel from Bathing buddies, which was the only reason he would leave the pool.


We booked J onto the mini  archery session and I’m so glad we did.  He got given a plastic crossbow and was shown how to load it up with the little plastic darts.  Once J got the hang of it, he actually has a really good aim, unlike his dad.  After shooting at the target he then had to try and hit a cone balanced on top.  He managed to hit it but not enough to knock it off the sign.  I was so proud.  Then came the fun part, all the adults had to shoot at the children that were stood in front of the targets,with goggles on.  The fun part, however, came when they got to swap around which meant that J got to shoot at D.  Once again we realised how good of an aim Jacob had.



J wanted to take his bike on holiday with him which was ok but this also meant he wanted it strapped to the car roof with our bikes.  He found this hilarious and got annoyed if we put in in the boot.  He is a right whizz on his bike now and loved riding around the caravan site.  He has a mini bike lock that he pretends to use to lock his bike up when we stop in different places.

J was really sad to leave and is already on a countdown for the next Caravan holiday.  I love that he mispronounces caravan and it sounds like he is saying tramp van.


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