My recent visit to Vilamoura, Portugal Part 1

If you follow me on social media I’m sure you are well aware that I have just recently returned from a fantastic girly holiday to Vilamoura,Portugal. We originally booked the holiday about 4 months ago and it was a very spontaneous decision. The girls at work were discussing holidays and as I  hadn’t been abroad in 11 years and one of the other girls hadn’t been abroad for around 10 years.  We decided that it would be a great idea if we all went on a girly holiday somewhere.

We decided to visit Vilamoura as one of the girls from work had already visited a few years ago so had a rough idea of what was there. I very nearly didn’t book to go with them as I knew I was pregnant and the thought of travelling at 29/30 weeks pregnant wasn’t originally appealing to me. Needless to say, I am so glad I booked to go.

I was nervous travelling on a plane for the first time in 11 years, I hadn’t flown since before 9/11 and obviously, everything at airports had changed since then. I think it was more the fact of ‘what if’s’ I was worried that if we crashed, Would D be able to sort all the finances out? Would he be able to sort the gas and electric out ? etc.. I totally knew I was being ridiculous but I couldn’t help it. Luckily I mentioned this to my close friend and she said she would look after D and J if needed haha.

I needn’t have been worried about the flight as once we had taken off I was absolutely fine, I think the fact that one of the girls I was with didn’t like flying helped as I felt like I needed to do the mum thing and distract her, which in turn distracted me. When we were on the fight home I really wasn’t concerned at all and I think it was because I knew what to expect again by that point. I remember thinking it was just like being on a train really.

We stayed at The Residences at Victoria Clube de Golfe in a 3 bedroom apartment which was fantastic.  It was even nicer than I was expecting.

vilamoraportugalWe had a large living area that leaded onto a balcony that overlooked the courtyard and bar.  The kitchen lead to a door on the end that opened up onto another balcony, this balcony, however, was heated which meant it was great for drying towels and swimwear.

When we arrived at the apartment it was late as there had been a delay with our transport from the airport.  We managed to unpack and have a nice relaxing sit on the balcony before heading off to bed.  On trying to figure out the lamps in the bedroom we discovered we had bars on the window that came down like a roller shutter.  It turns out these were blackout blinds but neither myself or my roommate realised this.  This meant that when I woke up at what felt like 4am in the pitch black I was really annoyed with myself that I felt wide awake and was struggling to go back to sleep.  I spent a while lay in bed trying to drift off to sleep but failing miserably.  It wasn’t until my roommate got up and left the bedroom, trying not to wake me as she thought I was still asleep, that I decided to go and get my phone from across the other side of the bedroom.  It was this point that I realised it wasn’t 4am but 9am so it was no surprise I was wide awake.  I put the roller shutter back up and was nearly blinded by the sunlight. Its a shame we dont have these shutters at home especially in J’s room.

Part 2 coming soon …..


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